CAV's New FSE Group

Canada Air Virtual's New FSEconomy Group name is " CAV - Canada Air Virtual "

Membership is by invite ONLY.

Interested in joining Canada Air Virtual's FSE Group?

Please send us the following information:

FSEconomy User Name
Discord User Name
Canada Air Virtual Pilot ID

To  @CAN1001 - Rod J,  @CAN3023 - Jan P or @CAN2187- David R on our Discord or email  Once we receive your info we will send you a new member invite.




WARNING - Canada Air Virtual is in NO WAY affiliated with the FSE Group shown in the images below. Please know by joining this group you are NOT joining Canada Air Virtual's FSE Group " CAV - Canada Air Virtual "

Posted By: Rod James

News Id: 145 posted on 2022-03-24 14:23:25