Minimum Activity Requirements

Inactivity creates a burden on staff resources and time that can be better spent improving our VA for active members.

In order to maintain an organized and active roster, all members are expected to abide by the minimum activity requirements listed below.


Minimum Activity Requirements

  Applicants must file their first flight report within seven ( 7 ) days of hire using CAVacars.

Applicants that do not will simply be dismissed without notice.


 All members must submit a minimum of one ( ) flight report per Calendar month using CAVacars.

Members who fail to submit a flight report for any given Calendar month will be marked as inactive at the end of that Calendar month and placed on our inactive roster.

Inactive members that have not contacted the Canada Air Staff Team or requested an LOA and still remain on the inactive roster as of the 10th of the next Calendar month

 will simply be dismissed for inactivity without notice.


The Canada Air Staff Team

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Posted By: Rod James

News Id: 67 posted on 2020-03-23 12:32:03