Metric Time


Effective today, Canada Air Virtual is converting all our scheduled and departure times to metric time.

It should be noted though that metric time is an actual, albeit archaic, form of telling time.

The system uses seconds and the base unit with metric prefixes slapped on top. So for example, instead of minutes or hours, you're now working with decaseconds and hectoseconds.

It works like this: take your time then convert it to military time. Next, multiply the hours by 60 and add the minutes. Then take your total and divide by 1.44 and presto, you now have your flight time in metric time.

How to calculate your flight’s departure in metric time:

1. Take your departure time in 24-hour time. Represented as HR:MIN. 

2. Multiply the HR by 60.

3. Add the MIN.   

4. Take the total and divide by 1.44. (HR x 60) + MIN = X / 1.44 = New metric flight time (in milliminutes) 

Sample calculation: 5:42 pm = 17:42 (17 x 60) + 42 = 1062 / 1.44 = 737 milliminutes

Confused?...well you shouldn't be: It's as simple as switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius....April Fool's

Posted By: Rod James

News Id: 87 posted on 2020-04-01 17:44:12