Profile For John Fowler

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  • Pilot ID: CAN1003
  • Rank: ATP Senior Captain
  • Total Flights: 3326
  • Total Hours: 11993.17
  • Location: United States United States
  • VATSIM ID: 1381848
  • IVAO ID: 167543
  • Pilot Bio: 1990 ATP MFS92, MFS98, MFS2004, MFSX
  • Flight Simulator : Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  • Operating System : Windows XP
  • Pilot Experience : Expert
  • I have read the Pilot Handbook : Yes

Pilot Awards

First Flight IVAO TS3 Regina Hub Calgary Hub
Vancouver Hub 100 Hours Company Hub Best Landing Toronto Hub
Halifax Montreal Hub European 100 Flights B350 Certified
American Airlines C172 Certified Santas Little Helper 2016 B1900 Certified Pacific Coastal
BE58 Certified DH8A Certified DH8B Certified DH8C Certified DH8D Certified
E145 Certified E170 Certified 250 Hours CRJ2 Certified CRJ7 Certified
Delta Airlines B788 Certified Kelowna Hub Winnipeg Hub B744 Certified
B763 Certified DHC2 Certified Edmonton Hub 500 Hours 250 Flights
B744F Cargo A319 Certified A320 Certified A321 Certified B738 Certified
B74F Certified BLCF Certified 2017 Blue Jays Tour P1 Virgin Australia Air North
Southwest Airlines Alaska Airlines Cote d'Azur Hub United Airlines 2017 World
jetBlue Airways 1000 Hours 2017 Blue Jays Tour P2 Central Eastern Alps Aegean Airlines
Cessna 172 VFR DH8C Maple Leaf Iceland Dangerous Approaches 2
Dangerous Approaches 3 Dangerous Approaches C208B Certified 500 Flights Hawaii VFR
Yukon River Run VFR Saturdays IFR Fridays Fall Maritimes VFR DHC6 Certified
A388 Certified B772 Certified B773 Certified Calgary Flames Tour P1 Cruz'n Canada 2017
U.S. Route 66 Indonesia 2018 Winter Olympics Columbia New Zealand
Calgary Flames  Tour P2 YHD Ontario Beech Baron 58 Maple Leafs Tour P1 Santa Fe Trail VFR
1000 Flights 1500 Hours 2000 Hours Maple Leafs  Tour P2 Leeward Islands
Alaskan Brooks Range Edmonton Oilers Tour P1 Olympic Mountains 2500 Hours 5000 Hours
Edmonton Oilers Tour P2 Seychelles Islands Bug Smasher Swiss Alps Tour Alberta
SW B.C. Canada Hops Nepal Himalayas British Isles Tuamotu Islands DC3T Cargo
Anchorage Hub DC3T Certified DHCS Certified Jetstar Airlines Beechcraft 1900
Alaska Panhandle Puget Sound Mexico Boeing 777-300ER 2018 Iditarod
1500 Flights Vanc Island Helicopter  B06 Certified 3 Months Service 6 Months Service
1 Year Service PGA Fall 2018 Remembrance Day B.C. Coastline Lufthansa
Polar Ops Northern Rockies Santas Little Helper 2018 Brussels Airlines Long Haul 2017
PGA Winter Japan Amazon River Run DHC6 WestJet
Iditarod 2019 The Last Frontier Frontier Airlines 2000 Flights Mackenzie River Run
LJ45 Certified Australia British Airways 2019 Remembrance Day AW80D-P1
AW80D-P2 Santas Little Helper 2019 Spirit Airlines PGA Spring AW80D-P3
2020 Iditarod Voted Canada Air Virtual Greased landing AW80D-P4 2 Years Service
3 Years Service 4 Years Service NASCAR Tour - Part 1 Canada U.S. Border Tour NASCAR Tour - Part 2
Australia II Saint Lawrence River Run Italy PGA Summer Air Canada
Cathay Pacific Santa's Toy Run KLM Airline Gulf Air Air France
Alaska Highway Singapore Airlines

Pirep Chart


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
THY708 LTFM OPKC A330-200 (C-A330) 04.54.11 03/06/2021
Approval Pending
THY1628 EDDM LTFM B737-800 (C-B738) 02.35.33 03/06/2021
THY1629 LTFM EDDM B737-800 (C-B738) 02.47.13 03/06/2021
QTR405 OJAI OTHH B787-800 (C-B788) 02.28.30 03/05/2021
QTR404 OTHH OJAI B787-800 (C-B788) 02.40.11 03/05/2021
QTR8 EGLL OTHH A330-200 (C-A330) 06.29.25 03/05/2021
THY1908 LSZH LTFM A350-900 (C-A359) 02.50.28 03/04/2021
QTR7 OTHH EGLL A350-900 (C-A359) 06.54.06 03/04/2021
THY1907 LTFM LSZH A330-200 (C-A330) 03.01.50 03/03/2021
QTR669 VCBI OTHH A330-200 (C-A330) 05.17.03 03/03/2021
QTR668 OTHH VCBI B787-800 (C-B788) 04.49.51 03/01/2021
QTR653 VNKT OTHH B787-800 (C-B788) 05.18.03 03/01/2021
QTR652 OTHH VNKT B787-800 (C-B788) 04.35.41 02/28/2021
THY1794 ESSA LTFM A321-200 (C-A321) 03.32.21 02/28/2021
QTR615 OPIS OTHH B787-800 (C-B788) 03.40.47 02/27/2021
QTR614 OTHH OPIS B787-800 (C-B788) 03.59.15 02/27/2021
QTR8353 VIDP OTHH B787-800 (C-B788) 03.56.41 02/26/2021
CANHA15 PAPR PASC C182T (C-C182) 01.53.18 02/26/2021
CANHA14 95Z PAPR C182T (C-C182) 01.31.00 02/25/2021
CANHA13 0AK0 95Z C182T (C-C182) 00.14.50 02/25/2021
CANHA12 D66 0AK0 C182T (C-C182) 00.42.03 02/25/2021
CANHA11 TSG D66 C182T (C-C182) 00.47.25 02/25/2021
CANHA10 CYXQ TSG C182T (C-C182) 00.35.37 02/25/2021
SIA917 RPLL WSSS B777-300ER (C-B773) 03.53.54 02/25/2021
SIA910 WSSS RPLL B787-800 (C-B788) 03.32.27 02/25/2021