Canada Air Virtual Staff Members

Rank Position Pilot Description - Chief Executive OfficerCAN1001 - Rod JamesChief Executive Officer oversees all Canada Air Virtual Operations.

Providing leadership and support to the Staff Team and members. - Chief Operating OfficerCAN1227 - Tim LuyckxChief Operating Officer assists the President with all Canada Air Virtual Operations.

Issues Pilot promotions & awards.

Assists new members in getting applicable software installed and working properly. - Chief Technology OfficerCAN2285 - Khan SalmanChief Technology Officer provides technological guidance.

Maintains infrastructure, helps with operations and drives new initiatives for the VA. - Events Director CAN2624 - Thomas SmithEvents Director plans and coordinates our weekly TBM Tuesdays, Thunder Bay Thursdays, IFRidays, VFR Saturdays and Cessna Sundays group flights,

special group flights, events, crossfires and fly-inns hosted by Canada Air on MSFS, JoinFS, VATSIM & IVAO Networks. - Social Media Manager Currently VacantSocial Media Manager manages Canada Air Virtual Monthly Screenshot Contest, Facebook & Twitter pages. - Fleet ManagerCAN2128 - George MissimerFleet Manager creates and paints Livery's for our Canada Air Virtual fleet. - Hub ManagerCurrently VacantHub Manager reviews, edits and processes flight reports.