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Brussels Airlines Tour

Status: Active
Description: Brussels Airlines is the flagship carrier and largest airline of Belgium, based and headquartered at Brussels Airport. It operates to over 120 destinations in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia and also offers charter services, maintenance and crew training. The airline is a member of the Star Alliance and fused with the Lufthansa group in 2010.
Brussels Airlines Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Brussels International Airport (EBBR)Edinburgh Airport (EGPH)BEL2063A319-100413 nm
2Edinburgh Airport (EGPH)Brussels International Airport (EBBR)BEL2064A319-100413 nm
3Brussels International Airport (EBBR)Göteborg Landvetter Airport (ESGG)BEL2319A319-100489 nm
4Göteborg Landvetter Airport (ESGG)Brussels International Airport (EBBR)BEL2324A319-100489 nm
5Brussels International Airport (EBBR)Roma / Fiumicino (LIRF)BEL3187A320-200634 nm
6Roma / Fiumicino (LIRF)Brussels International Airport (EBBR)BEL3188A320-200634 nm
7Brussels International Airport (EBBR)Aeroport Sheremet’yevo (UUEE)BEL2555A319-1001205 nm
8Aeroport Sheremet’yevo (UUEE)Brussels International Airport (EBBR)BEL2556A319-1001205 nm
9Brussels International Airport (EBBR)Vienna / Schwechat (LOWW)BEL2901A320-200499 nm
10Vienna / Schwechat (LOWW)Brussels International Airport (EBBR)BEL2902A320-200499 nm
11Brussels International Airport (EBBR)Lisbon (LPPT)BEL3817A320-200928 nm
12Lisbon (LPPT)Brussels International Airport (EBBR)BEL3816A320-200928 nm
13Brussels International Airport (EBBR)Barcelona / El Prat (LEBL)BEL3705A320-200586 nm
14Barcelona / El Prat (LEBL)Brussels International Airport (EBBR)BEL3706A320-200586 nm
15Brussels International Airport (EBBR)Ben Gurion (LLBG)BEL3289A320-2001757 nm
16Ben Gurion (LLBG)Brussels International Airport (EBBR)BEL3290A320-2001757 nm
17Brussels International Airport (EBBR)Venice, Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)BEL3207A319-100452 nm
18Venice, Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)Brussels International Airport (EBBR)BEL3208A319-100452 nm
19Brussels International Airport (EBBR)Budapest / Ferihegy (LHBP)BEL2825A319-100615 nm
20Budapest / Ferihegy (LHBP)Brussels International Airport (EBBR)BEL2824A319-100615 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 15160 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: EBBRLeg: 1 To: EGPHLeg: 2 To: EBBRLeg: 3 To: ESGGLeg: 4 To: EBBRLeg: 5 To: LIRFLeg: 6 To: EBBRLeg: 7 To: UUEELeg: 8 To: EBBRLeg: 9 To: LOWWLeg: 10 To: EBBRLeg: 11 To: LPPTLeg: 12 To: EBBRLeg: 13 To: LEBLLeg: 14 To: EBBRLeg: 15 To: LLBGLeg: 16 To: EBBRLeg: 17 To: LIPZLeg: 18 To: EBBRLeg: 19 To: LHBPLeg: 20 To: EBBRComplete
1Vincent Guaglianone - CAN1728**************       
2Robby Huffman - CAN1007********************Tour Completed
3John Fowler - CAN1003********************Tour Completed
4Mike Piefke - CAN1487********************Tour Completed
5JC Glatt - CAN1014                     
6Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231********************Tour Completed
7Fabrizio Stocchi - CAN1753***************      
8Dave Willson - CAN1268********************Tour Completed
9Roger Pilgrem - CAN1740********************Tour Completed
10Ufuk Gungor - CAN1827********************Tour Completed
11Quin Gomes - CAN1229**                   
12Michael Morrison - CAN1363*******              
13Gary Leaver - CAN1284********************Tour Completed
14Marc Somers - CAN1166*************        
15Ahmad Jie - CAN1131                     

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