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Saint Lawrence River Run

Status: Active

Join us on our next River Run adventure where we fly VFR following the most famous rivers around the world.

The Saint Lawrence River is a large river in the middle latitudes of North America. It traverses the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario, and is part of the international boundary between Canada and the United States ending up in the Atlantic Ocean.

* Attention MSFS & X-Plane Users *

Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport ICAO code "CNZ3" is "CYCK" in MSFS & X-Plane

Saint Lawrence River Run

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Carl R Keller Field (KPCW)Pelee Island Airport (CYPT)CANSR1C172SP18 nm
2Pelee Island Airport (CYPT)Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport (CNZ3)CANSR2C172SP41 nm
3Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport (CNZ3)Erie International Tom Ridge Field (KERI)CANSR3C172SP86 nm
4Erie International Tom Ridge Field (KERI)Dunnville Airport (CDU9)CANSR4C172SP54 nm
5Dunnville Airport (CDU9)Niagara Falls International Airport (KIAG)CANSR5C172SP32 nm
6Niagara Falls International Airport (KIAG)Shear Airport (63NY)CANSR6C172SP9 nm
7Shear Airport (63NY)Toronto/Oshawa Executive Airport (CYOO)CANSR7C172SP40 nm
8Toronto/Oshawa Executive Airport (CYOO)CFB Trenton (CYTR)CANSR8C172SP60 nm
9CFB Trenton (CYTR)Tyendinaga Mohawk Airport (CPU6)CANSR9C172SP19 nm
10Tyendinaga Mohawk Airport (CPU6)John Gonzales Field Airport (NY69)CANSR10C172SP35 nm
11John Gonzales Field Airport (NY69)Maxson Airfield (89N)CANSR11C172SP21 nm
12Maxson Airfield (89N)Iroquois Airport (CNP7)CANSR12C172SP40 nm
13Iroquois Airport (CNP7)Cornwall Regional Airport (CYCC)CANSR13C172SP35 nm
14Cornwall Regional Airport (CYCC)Montreal International Airport (CYUL)CANSR14C172SP42 nm
15Montreal International Airport (CYUL)Louiseville Airport (CSJ4)CANSR15C172SP58 nm
16Louiseville Airport (CSJ4)Quebec Jean Lesage International Airport (CYQB)CANSR16C172SP71 nm
17Quebec Jean Lesage International Airport (CYQB)Charlevoix Airport (CYML)CANSR17C172SP68 nm
18Charlevoix Airport (CYML)Mont Joli Airport (CYYY)CANSR18C172SP101 nm
19Mont Joli Airport (CYYY)Sept-Îles Airport (CYZV)CANSR19C172SP123 nm
20Sept-Îles Airport (CYZV)Port Menier Airport (CYPN)CANSR20C172SP80 nm
21Port Menier Airport (CYPN)Chevery Airport (CYHR)CANSR21C172SP183 nm
22Chevery Airport (CYHR)Lourdes de Blanc Sablon Airport (CYBX)CANSR22C172SP110 nm
23Lourdes de Blanc Sablon Airport (CYBX)Mary's Harbour Airport (CYMH)CANSR23C172SP72 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1398 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KPCWLeg: 1 To: CYPTLeg: 2 To: CNZ3Leg: 3 To: KERILeg: 4 To: CDU9Leg: 5 To: KIAGLeg: 6 To: 63NYLeg: 7 To: CYOOLeg: 8 To: CYTRLeg: 9 To: CPU6Leg: 10 To: NY69Leg: 11 To: 89NLeg: 12 To: CNP7Leg: 13 To: CYCCLeg: 14 To: CYULLeg: 15 To: CSJ4Leg: 16 To: CYQBLeg: 17 To: CYMLLeg: 18 To: CYYYLeg: 19 To: CYZVLeg: 20 To: CYPNLeg: 21 To: CYHRLeg: 22 To: CYBXLeg: 23 To: CYMHComplete
1Richard P - CAN1052***********************Tour Completed
2Paolo P - CAN2519***********************Tour Completed
3Marlon W - CAN1518                        
4Paul P - CAN1919***********************Tour Completed
5Roy S - CAN1231***********************Tour Completed
6Roger P - CAN1740***********************Tour Completed
7Robby H - CAN1007                        
8John F - CAN1003***********************Tour Completed
9Bill B - CAN2536***********************Tour Completed
10Pam M - CAN1933***********************Tour Completed
11Zane G - CAN2450*** ******************* 
12Garo S - CAN1319***********************Tour Completed
13Bernie S - CAN2083*                       
14Rod J - CAN1001***                     
15Bob O - CAN1002***********************Tour Completed
16Doug C - CAN1517***********************Tour Completed
17Richard S - CAN2428                        
18Serge V - CAN1726***********************Tour Completed
19Ken S - CAN1358***********************Tour Completed
20Jurgen K - CAN2422***********************Tour Completed
21Scott L - CAN2507********************    
22Hans-Ulrich Z - CAN2165***********************Tour Completed
23Ken S - CAN2646***********************Tour Completed
24Rudy F - CAN2768**                      
25Tim K - CAN2765***********************Tour Completed
26Jean L - CAN1744***********************Tour Completed
27Mario D - CAN2873********                
28Gregory D - CAN2803*                       

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