Tour Details

TBM 930 World Tour - P1

Status: Active
Description: Join us on the TBM 930 World Tour - P1 as we fly the Daher TBM 930 around the world.

Permittable aircraft are TBM 700/850/900/910/930/940, no other aircraft substitutions are permitted.

TBM 930 World Tour - P1

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Edmonton International Airport (CYEG)Seattle Tacoma International Airport (KSEA)CANT901TBM-930485 nm
2Seattle Tacoma International Airport (KSEA)Denver International Airport (KDEN)CANT902TBM-930890 nm
3Denver International Airport (KDEN)Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)CANT903TBM-930749 nm
4Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)Mexico City / Lic Benito Juarez Intl (MMMX)CANT904TBM-9301349 nm
5Mexico City / Lic Benito Juarez Intl (MMMX)TONCONTIN (MHTG)CANT905TBM-930754 nm
6TONCONTIN (MHTG)Orlando International Airport (KMCO)CANT906TBM-930920 nm
7Orlando International Airport (KMCO)Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field (KLIT)CANT907TBM-930674 nm
8Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field (KLIT)Toronto International Airport (CYYZ)CANT908TBM-930794 nm
9Toronto International Airport (CYYZ)Gander International Airport (CYQX)CANT909TBM-9301084 nm
10Gander International Airport (CYQX)Ponta Delgada (LPPD)CANT910TBM-9301419 nm
11Ponta Delgada (LPPD)Sevilla (LEZL)CANT911TBM-930942 nm
12Sevilla (LEZL)Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle (LFPG)CANT912TBM-930788 nm
13Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle (LFPG)Dublin Airport (EIDW)CANT913TBM-930425 nm
14Dublin Airport (EIDW)Amsterdam / Schiphol Airport (EHAM)CANT914TBM-930406 nm
15Amsterdam / Schiphol Airport (EHAM)Copenhagen / Kastrup (EKCH)CANT915TBM-930343 nm
16Copenhagen / Kastrup (EKCH)Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK)CANT916TBM-930483 nm
17Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK)Aeroport Sheremet’yevo (UUEE)CANT917TBM-930473 nm
18Aeroport Sheremet’yevo (UUEE)Koltsovo Airport (USSS)CANT918TBM-930778 nm
19Koltsovo Airport (USSS)Omsk (UNOO)CANT919TBM-930436 nm
20Omsk (UNOO)Diwopu Airport (ZWWW)CANT920TBM-930862 nm
21Diwopu Airport (ZWWW)New Islamabad International Airport (OPIS)CANT921TBM-930924 nm
22New Islamabad International Airport (OPIS)Tribhuwan Airport (VNKT)CANT922TBM-930737 nm
23Tribhuwan Airport (VNKT)Yangon International Airport (VYYY)CANT923TBM-930880 nm
24Yangon International Airport (VYYY)Ho Chi Minh City. (VVTS)CANT924TBM-930713 nm
25Ho Chi Minh City. (VVTS)Kota Kinabalu Intl (WBKK)CANT925TBM-930630 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 18938 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CYEGLeg: 1 To: KSEALeg: 2 To: KDENLeg: 3 To: KLAXLeg: 4 To: MMMXLeg: 5 To: MHTGLeg: 6 To: KMCOLeg: 7 To: KLITLeg: 8 To: CYYZLeg: 9 To: CYQXLeg: 10 To: LPPDLeg: 11 To: LEZLLeg: 12 To: LFPGLeg: 13 To: EIDWLeg: 14 To: EHAMLeg: 15 To: EKCHLeg: 16 To: EFHKLeg: 17 To: UUEELeg: 18 To: USSSLeg: 19 To: UNOOLeg: 20 To: ZWWWLeg: 21 To: OPISLeg: 22 To: VNKTLeg: 23 To: VYYYLeg: 24 To: VVTSLeg: 25 To: WBKKComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001*                         
2Enrique Facundo - CAN2577*************************Tour Completed
3Paul Pettet - CAN1919                          
4Bill Boardman - CAN2536*************************Tour Completed
5Stephen Organ - CAN2573                          
6Thomas Smith - CAN2624*************************Tour Completed
7Jeff Baker - CAN2626*                         
8John Fowler - CAN1003                          
9Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231*************************Tour Completed
10Robby Huffman - CAN1007                          
11Roger Godden - CAN1441*************************Tour Completed
12Lester Ford - CAN2238*************************Tour Completed
13Pete Perkins - CAN2310******                    
14Nowak Bernard - CAN2642                          
15Bernie Schloezer - CAN2083***                       
16Bart Fiore - CAN2634*                         
17Matthias Kunneth - CAN2289*                         

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