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Alaska Highway Tour

Status: Active
Description: Join us on our Alaska Highway Tour as we fly "The World Famous Alaska Highway" from Dawson Creek to Deadhorse.

(Aircraft substitutions: Propeller aircraft or helicopter only)

Alaska Highway Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Dawson Creek Airport (CYDQ)Fort St John Airport (CYXJ)CANHA1C182T35 nm
2Fort St John Airport (CYXJ)Fort Nelson Airport (CYYE)CANHA2C182T167 nm
3Fort Nelson Airport (CYYE)Mile 422 (Alaska Highway) Airport (CBK7)CANHA3C182T82 nm
4Mile 422 (Alaska Highway) Airport (CBK7)Watson Lake Airport (CYQH)CANHA4C182T133 nm
5Watson Lake Airport (CYQH)Whitehorse / Erik Nielsen International Airport (CYXY)CANHA5C182T188 nm
6Whitehorse / Erik Nielsen International Airport (CYXY)Haines Junction Airport (CYHT)CANHA6C182T73 nm
7Haines Junction Airport (CYHT)Silver City Airport (CFQ5)CANHA7C182T29 nm
8Silver City Airport (CFQ5)Burwash Airport (CYDB)CANHA8C182T27 nm
9Burwash Airport (CYDB)Beaver Creek Airport (CYXQ)CANHA9C182T81 nm
10Beaver Creek Airport (CYXQ)Tanacross Airport (TSG)CANHA10C182T89 nm
11Tanacross Airport (TSG)Delta Junction Airport (D66)CANHA11C182T75 nm
12Delta Junction Airport (D66)Scotts Airport (0AK0)CANHA12C182T36 nm
13Scotts Airport (0AK0)Bradley Sky-Ranch Airport North-Pole (95Z)CANHA13C182T26 nm
14Bradley Sky-Ranch Airport North-Pole (95Z)Prospect Creek Airport (PAPR)CANHA14C182T147 nm
15Prospect Creek Airport (PAPR)Deadhorse (PASC)CANHA15C182T209 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1397 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CYDQLeg: 1 To: CYXJLeg: 2 To: CYYELeg: 3 To: CBK7Leg: 4 To: CYQHLeg: 5 To: CYXYLeg: 6 To: CYHTLeg: 7 To: CFQ5Leg: 8 To: CYDBLeg: 9 To: CYXQLeg: 10 To: TSGLeg: 11 To: D66Leg: 12 To: 0AK0Leg: 13 To: 95ZLeg: 14 To: PAPRLeg: 15 To: PASCComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001******          
2John Fowler - CAN1003***************Tour Completed
3Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231***************Tour Completed
4Richard Peabody - CAN1052***************Tour Completed
5Richard Schmidt - CAN2428                
6Rudy Fattal - CAN2768*               
7Robby Huffman - CAN1007                
8Roger Pilgrem - CAN1740***************Tour Completed
9Ruberto Stutzer - CAN2136                

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