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Upstate New York Tour

Status: Active
Description: Join us when we discover Upstate New York.

Upstate New York is a geographic region consisting of the portion of New York State lying north of the New York City metropolitan area.

Although the precise boundary is debated, Upstate New York excludes New York City and Long Island, and most definitions of the region exclude all or part of Westchester and Rockland counties.

A special thanks goes out to CAN2450 Zane G for his time spent on this tour.

Upstate New York Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Albany International Airport (KALB)Saratoga County Airport (5B2)CANUP1C208B18 nm
2Saratoga County Airport (5B2)Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport (KGFL)CANUP2BE-5821 nm
3Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport (KGFL)Ticonderoga Municipal Airport (4B6)CANUP3C172SP33 nm
4Ticonderoga Municipal Airport (4B6)Plattsburgh International Airport (KPBG)CANUP4C208B47 nm
5Plattsburgh International Airport (KPBG)Lake Placid Airport (KLKP)CANUP5C208B31 nm
6Lake Placid Airport (KLKP)Watertown International Airport (KART)CANUP6C208B90 nm
7Watertown International Airport (KART)Syracuse Hancock International Airport (KSYR)CANUP7C208B53 nm
8Syracuse Hancock International Airport (KSYR)Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport (KITH)CANUP8BE-5840 nm
9Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport (KITH)Elmira Corning Regional Airport (KELM)CANUP9C172SP28 nm
10Elmira Corning Regional Airport (KELM)Greater Rochester International Airport (KROC)CANUP10BE-5867 nm
11Greater Rochester International Airport (KROC)Genesee County Airport (KGVQ)CANUP11C172SP22 nm
12Genesee County Airport (KGVQ)North Buffalo Suburban Airport (0G0)CANUP12C172SP24 nm
13North Buffalo Suburban Airport (0G0)Shear Airport (63NY)CANUP13BE-5815 nm
14Shear Airport (63NY)Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF)CANUP14C172SP22 nm
15Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF)Greater Binghamton/Edwin A Link field (KBGM)CANUP15BE-58130 nm
16Greater Binghamton/Edwin A Link field (KBGM)Oneonta Municipal Airport (N66)CANUP16C208B45 nm
17Oneonta Municipal Airport (N66)Albany International Airport (KALB)CANUP17BE-5857 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 744 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KALBLeg: 1 To: 5B2Leg: 2 To: KGFLLeg: 3 To: 4B6Leg: 4 To: KPBGLeg: 5 To: KLKPLeg: 6 To: KARTLeg: 7 To: KSYRLeg: 8 To: KITHLeg: 9 To: KELMLeg: 10 To: KROCLeg: 11 To: KGVQLeg: 12 To: 0G0Leg: 13 To: 63NYLeg: 14 To: KBUFLeg: 15 To: KBGMLeg: 16 To: N66Leg: 17 To: KALBComplete
1Roger P - CAN1740*****************Tour Completed
2Richard P - CAN1052*****************Tour Completed
3Rudy F - CAN2768*****             
4Paul P - CAN1919*****************Tour Completed
5Alfonso Yoel G - CAN2910*****************Tour Completed
6Pablo T - CAN1758*****************Tour Completed
7Robby H - CAN1007                  
8Scott L - CAN2507                  
9Roy S - CAN1231*****************Tour Completed
10Enrique F - CAN2577                  
11Pam M - CAN1933*****************Tour Completed
12John F - CAN1003*****************Tour Completed
13Christopher N - CAN2877*****************Tour Completed
14Jason T - CAN2956                  
15Christopher C - CAN2393                  
16George M - CAN2128*****************Tour Completed
17Paul D - CAN1844******            
18Mark K - CAN2996*****************Tour Completed
19Hans-Ulrich Z - CAN2165*****************Tour Completed

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