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Ukraine Tour

Status: Active
Description: Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. It lies along the Black Sea and Sea of Azov, and is bordered my seven countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Russia and Belarus. Ukraine is home to 43 million people and traces its Slavic roots back to the Middle Ages. Join us as we fly the Country in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Donate to the Red Cross in Support of the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

Ukraine Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Kiev Borispol (UKBB)Odessa (UKOO)CANUT1B737-800235 nm
2Odessa (UKOO)Osnova International Airport (UKHH)CANUT2B737-800308 nm
3Osnova International Airport (UKHH)Simferopol International Airport (UKFF)CANUT3B737-800308 nm
4Simferopol International Airport (UKFF)Donetsk Intl (UKCC)CANUT4B737-800239 nm
5Donetsk Intl (UKCC)Vinnitsa (UKWW)CANUT5B737-800368 nm
6Vinnitsa (UKWW)Dnipropetrovsk International Airport (UKDD)CANUT6B737-800262 nm
7Dnipropetrovsk International Airport (UKDD)Chernivtsi International Airport (UKLN)CANUT7B737-800364 nm
8Chernivtsi International Airport (UKLN)Poltava (UKHP)CANUT8B737-800341 nm
9Poltava (UKHP)Chernobayevka Airport (UKOH)CANUT9B737-800189 nm
10Chernobayevka Airport (UKOH)Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport (UKLI)CANUT10B737-800342 nm
11Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport (UKLI)Zaporizhzhia International Airport (UKDE)CANUT11B737-800428 nm
12Zaporizhzhia International Airport (UKDE)Rivne International Airport (UKLR)CANUT12B737-800395 nm
13Rivne International Airport (UKLR)Lozuvatka International Airport (UKDR)CANUT13B737-800316 nm
14Lozuvatka International Airport (UKDR)Lviv Intl (UKLL)CANUT14B737-800380 nm
15Lviv Intl (UKLL)Mykolaiv International Airport (UKON)CANUT15B737-800357 nm
16Mykolaiv International Airport (UKON)Uzhhorod International Airport (UKLU)CANUT16B737-800400 nm
17Uzhhorod International Airport (UKLU)Ozerne Air Base (UKKO)CANUT17B737-800269 nm
18Ozerne Air Base (UKKO)Kiev Borispol (UKBB)CANUT18B737-80083 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 5584 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: UKBBLeg: 1 To: UKOOLeg: 2 To: UKHHLeg: 3 To: UKFFLeg: 4 To: UKCCLeg: 5 To: UKWWLeg: 6 To: UKDDLeg: 7 To: UKLNLeg: 8 To: UKHPLeg: 9 To: UKOHLeg: 10 To: UKLILeg: 11 To: UKDELeg: 12 To: UKLRLeg: 13 To: UKDRLeg: 14 To: UKLLLeg: 15 To: UKONLeg: 16 To: UKLULeg: 17 To: UKKOLeg: 18 To: UKBBComplete
1Paul P - CAN1919                   
2David R - CAN2187                   
3Rory T - CAN3026******************Tour Completed
4Stephane G - CAN3042******************Tour Completed
5Ken B - CAN2502***************    
6Rudy F - CAN2768                   
7Scott L - CAN2507                   
8Richard P - CAN1052********           
9Roger P - CAN1740*******            
10Robby H - CAN1007                   
11John F - CAN1003******************Tour Completed
12Constantin T - CAN1890****               
13Nic M - CAN2423**                 
14Pablo T - CAN1758******************Tour Completed
15Bill B - CAN2536**                 
16Jan P - CAN3023                   
17Roy S - CAN1231******************Tour Completed
18Marc C - CAN1684***                
19Colin G - CAN1663                   
20Ian C - CAN1811******************Tour Completed
21Gaetan G - CAN2794*********          
22Ken S - CAN1358**************     
23Pierre D - CAN3036                   
24William J - CAN3039*                  
25Jeka K - CAN2824**                 
26Ken C - CAN3269**                 

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