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Canada Air Virtual Past Events

Date: Event: Details
2/23/2018FNO: Friday in CowtownDetails
2/17/2018VFR Saturdays Details
2/16/2018IFR Fridays Details
2/10/2018VFR Saturdays Details
2/9/2018IFR Fridays Details
2/9/2018Amman OverloadDetails
2/3/2018VFR Saturdays Details
2/2/2018IFR Fridays Details
1/27/2018Dubai OverloadDetails
1/27/2018Moscow - Kyiv City Shuttle + CPTDetails
1/26/2018San Juan FNO 2018Details
1/20/2018VFR Saturdays Details
1/19/2018IFR Fridays Details
1/13/2018VFR Saturdays Details
1/12/2018IFR Fridays Details
1/6/2018VFR Saturdays Details
1/5/2018IFR Fridays Details
12/30/2017VFR Saturdays Details
12/29/2017IFR Fridays Details
12/23/2017VFR Saturdays Details
12/22/2017IFR Fridays Details
12/16/2017VFR Saturdays Details
12/15/2017IFR Fridays Details
12/9/2017VFR Saturdays Details
12/8/2017IFR Fridays Details
12/3/2017Sunday Funday-Featuring: KPBIDetails
12/2/2017VFR Saturdays Details
12/1/2017IFR Fridays Details
11/26/2017Fraser FlightDetails
11/25/2017VFR Saturdays Details
11/24/2017IFR Fridays Details
11/18/2017VFR Saturdays Details
11/17/2017IFR Fridays Details
11/11/2017VFR Saturdays Details
11/10/2017IFR Fridays Details
11/4/2017VFR Saturdays Details
11/3/2017IFR Fridays Details
10/28/2017VFR Saturdays Details
10/27/2017IFR Fridays Details
10/21/2017VFR Saturdays Details
10/20/2017IFR Fridays Details
10/14/2017VFR Saturdays Details
10/13/2017IFR FridaysDetails
10/7/2017VFR Saturdays Details
10/6/2017IFR Fridays Details
9/30/2017VFR Saturdays Details
9/29/2017IFR Fridays Details
9/23/2017VFR Saturdays Details
9/22/2017IFR Fridays Details
9/16/2017Copenhagen Live 2017Details
9/16/2017VFR SaturdaysDetails
9/15/2017IFR Fridays Details
9/9/2017VFR SaturdaysDetails
9/8/2017IFR FridaysDetails
9/3/2017VFR SaturdaysDetails
9/2/2017EHAM - SRA & Non-Precision ApproachesDetails
9/1/2017IFR FridaysDetails
8/31/2017Canada Air Virtual Group FlightDetails
8/27/2017VATSIM UK Live! 2017Details
8/19/2017VFR SATURDAYS Details
8/18/2017IFR FRIDAYS Details
8/12/2017Hanover-Kiev City ShuttleDetails
8/6/2017Staffed by Staff!Details
8/5/2017We're Going to the Big AppleDetails
7/29/2017Oldies but GoldiesDetails
7/16/2017Dubai Sunday OpsDetails
7/16/2017Trondheim Fly-InDetails
7/16/2017Telluride Summer FestivalDetails
6/27/2017Online Day Shuttle Berlin-WarsawDetails
6/25/2017Easy Shanking SundayDetails
6/24/2017VFR SATURDAYS - Group FlightDetails
6/23/2017IFR FRIDAYS - Group FlightDetails
5/27/2017VFR SATURDAYS Details
5/26/2017IFR FRIDAYSDetails
5/20/2017VFR SATURDAYS Details
5/19/2017IFR FRIDAYS Details
5/13/2017VFR SATURDAYS Details
5/12/2017IFR FRIDAYS Details
5/6/2017VFR Saturdays Details
5/5/2017IFR Fridays Details
4/29/2017IFR FRIDAYS Details
4/29/2017VFR SATURDAYSDetails
4/15/2017IFR FRIDAYSDetails
4/14/2017IFR FRIDAYSDetails
4/14/2017 IFR FRIDAYSDetails
4/14/2017IFR FRIDAYSDetails
4/14/2017IFR FRIDAYSDetails
4/9/2017VFR Sundays Details
4/2/2017VFR Sundays Details
3/31/2017IFR Fridays Details
3/27/2017VFR Sundays Details
3/25/2017IFR Fridays - Tonight!Details
3/19/2017VFR Sundays - Today at 22:00zDetails
3/17/2017IFR Fridays - Today!Details
3/12/2017VFR Sundays Details
3/6/2017VFR Sundays Details
2/27/2017VFR Sundays Details
2/26/2017IFR Fridays - Tonight!Details
2/20/2017VFR Sundays Details
2/17/2017IFR Fridays Details
2/17/2017IFR Fridays Details
2/13/2017VFR Sundays Details
2/12/2017IFR Fridays Details
2/6/2017VFR Sundays - Today! Details
1/29/2017VFR SundaysDetails
1/29/2017IFR Fridays Details
1/24/2017VFR SundaysDetails
1/14/2017IFR FridaysDetails
1/1/2017IFR FridaysDetails
1/1/2017Fraser FlightDetails
12/23/2016IFR Fridays Details

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