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VATSIM First Wings


The event where you lose your fears talking to ATC

VATSIM First Wings - The event where you lose your fears and join in on the fun that is flying online with real people providing you Air Traffic Control services.

Between 2300z on April 27th and 0200z on the 28th, VATSIM will be holding the second edition of this event, this time around in North America.

Minneapolis and Chicago Air Traffic Controllers will be our hosts for the evening, staffing Rochester, Rockford, Eastern Iowa and Duluth International.

Departure/Arrival Airports

KRST - Rochester

KRFD - Rockford

KCID - Eastern Iowa

KDLH - Duluth International

We are all aware of the many fears one has the first time he or she flies online (we all flew our first flight at one point!), and that is why this event exists, to help you face those fears and join in on the fun!

Do not be put off flying for the fear of making a mistake, all Air Traffic Controllers are aware that the majority of pilots flying are newcomers, likely inexperienced in flying in controlled airspace, and will adapt accordingly.

The only thing we ask of you is to know how to fly your airplane. For everything else, we are here to help.

Closer to the day of, routes and a short briefing pack will be provided. On top of that, experienced pilots/air traffic controllers will be online during the event available to answer any question and help with any issue you may have.

(We would like to ask already experienced and active VATSIM-pilots to not participate in the event, as to avoid unnecessarily overloading the airfields and frequencies.)



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Flight Number

Current Signups: 23:00 - CAN1907 - Abdul Ghani
23:01 - CAN1904 - Mark Bradshaw

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