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Cessna Sundays


Cessna Sundays Group Flight Details:

This week we fly our favorite Cessna's on a tour of the Battle River Valley from Camrose to Lacombe.

Date: Sunday January 17, 2021

Network: MSFS Live / JoinFS / VATSIM / IVAO

Departure Times: 19:00 & 01:00 Zulu

Flight Number: PID (Use your Pilot ID)

Departure Airport: CEQ3

Arrival Airport: CEG3

Suggested Aircraft: Cessna 172 SkyHauk / Cessna 182 SkyLane / or your favorite Cessna!

Flight Plan: Pilots can download the flight plan on Sunday from our Discord / Text Channels / Flight Plans

We will meet on Canada Air Virtual's Discord 20 minutes prior to departure.

Pilots participating in the 19:00z departure group flight, please be setup by 18:45 Zulu and ready to depart at 19:00 Zulu

Pilots participating in the 01:00z departure group flight, please be setup by 00:45 Zulu and ready to depart at 01:00 Zulu

All pilots, regardless of experience are welcome and encouraged to join our Cessna Sundays Group Flight!

Don't be's your time to fly...experience the with a smile!



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