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VFR Saturdays


Join us Saturday as we fly VFR from Telluride Regional Airport to Eagle County Regional Airport. The runway 25 approach into Eagle County Regional Airport is a little scary but amazing.

Date: October 16th, 2021

Network: VATSIM / IVAO / MSFS 2020 Live

Departure Times: 18:00 & 01:00 Zulu

Flight Number: PID (Use your Pilot ID)

Departure Airport: KTEX

Arrival Airport: KEGE

Suggested Aircraft: Your favorite prop.

Safe Altitude: 15,500

Flight Plan: Pilots can download the flight plan from our Discord / Text Channels / Flight Plans

We will meet on Discord 15 minutes prior to departure.

Pilots participating in the 18:00z departure group flight, please be setup by 17:45 Zulu and ready to depart at 18:00 Zulu

Pilots participating in the 01:00z departure group flight, please be setup by 00:45 Zulu and ready to depart at 01:00 Zulu

All pilots, regardless of experience are welcome and encouraged to participate. Our VFR Saturdays Group Flight is a great time. So fuel up your favorite Turboprop aircraft and join us on Discord for a lot of fun & laughs!



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Departure Airport


Arrival Airport


Flight Number

Current Signups: 18:00 - CAN1001 - Rod J
18:01 - CAN2285 - Khan S
18:04 - CAN2984 - Sylvain M

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