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Event: IFR Fridays

Join us every Friday for our IFR Fridays Group Flight

This Fridays IFR Flight Details: We fly IFR from Auckland International Airport to Christchurch International Airport.

Date: December 15, 2017

Network: VATSIM

Departure Time: 01:00 Zulu

Flight Number: Use your Pilot ID

Departure Airport: NZAA

Arrival Airport: NZCH

Suggested Aircraft: Dash 8 Q400 / Basler BT-67

Route: LIMES H384 NP H252 NS H110 CH

We will meet on Canada Air Virtual’s TeamSpeak 20 minutes prior to departure.

Please be setup by 00:45 Zulu and ready to depart at 01:00 Zulu

All Canada Air Virtual pilots, regardless of skill level are welcome and encouraged to join our IFR Fridays Group Flight.

It’s your time to fly!

Scheduled Date: 12/15/2017
Scheduled Start Time: (Zulu) 23:30
Departure Field: NZAA
Arrival Field: NZCH
Company Schedule: PID
Participants: 23:30 - CAN1001 - Rod James
23:31 - CAN1007 - Robby Huffman
23:32 - 1000 -

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