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Event: Dubai Overload

Emirates vACC is proud to present "Dubai Overload".

On 27th January 2018, Dubai International Airport ( OMDB ) will be fully staffed from bottom to top by our ATC starting from 1600Z until 2000Z. Get ready to enter the en-route holding pattern while descending to your favorite destination "Dubai" and expect to fly along with a chain of other aircraft during your approach into Dubai.

One of the World's busiest airport "Dubai Int'l" offers you the chance to enjoy an evening with lots of traffic within the UAE Airspace. No Slot bookings are there so fly to anywhere in the World with aircraft of your choice from Dubai or either plan a flight to Dubai

Addition Information:

Scheduled Date: 01/27/2018
Scheduled Start Time: (Zulu) 16:00
Departure Field: OMDB
Arrival Field: OMDB
Company Schedule: PID
Participants: No Participants

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