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Event: Georgia Strait Poker Run

The Georgia Strait Poker Run will be held from 1800-2100z Saturday June 2, 2018 in the Vancouver FIR.

Fly the legs in any order you wish.


- Connect online at any of the five airports:

CYXX- Abbotsford

CZBB - Boundary Bay

CYNJ - Langley

CYPK - Pitt Meadows

CYYJ - Victoria

- At 1800z or later, call Poker Terminal on 133.10 to get your first card.

- Switch to regular ATC and fly to your next airport.

- After you're parked and finished with regular ATC, switch back to 133.10 for you next card.

- Repeat until you've collected one card at each of the five airports.

- At the last airport, declare your hand to Poker Terminal on 133.10

- No more cards will be handed out after 0200z.

Scheduled Date: 06/02/2018
Scheduled Start Time: (Zulu) 23:30
Departure Field: *
Arrival Field: *
Company Schedule: PID
Participants: 23:30 - 1000 -
23:31 - 1000 -
23:32 - 1000 -
23:33 - 1000 -

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