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Event: Madchester

Manchester is open and open and...

Join Jonas Hey and Luke Collister as they, and others, open Manchester for a full 24 hours from 1600z on Saturday 29th June. Fly in, fly out, fly through - you've got the time to do all these options as controllers staff up the UK's third busiest airport for the weekend.

Whether you want to pass the time in the evening, or have a bout of insomnia on the Friday night and are looking for something to do, help make this event one to remember for the team who'll be going bleary eyed to provide you with a service.

Scheduled Date: 06/29/2018
Scheduled Start Time: (Zulu) 23:30
Departure Field: EGCC
Arrival Field: EGCC
Company Schedule: PID
Participants: No Participants

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