Pilot Handbook



A Note from the CEO:

Our vision at Canada Air Virtual is simply to return enjoyment to your hobby of flight simulation.

Just as our slogan says “It’s your time to fly” so enjoy yourself and have fun!

We have a very active yet relaxed staff team structure at Canada Air Virtual and welcome all virtual pilots regardless of skill level.

If you are looking for a pilot’s handbook or policy manual that reads similar to Transport Canada’s Aviation document Booklet,

I wouldn’t say you’re at the wrong virtual airline, but you defiantly won’t find that at Canada Air Virtual.


Canada Air Virtual's pilot handbook is simple and easy for our pilots to understand

 Right from your date of hire pilots have the freedom to fly any aircraft, livery or route at any time!

We do not require our pilots to fly online, but we do encourage you to give it a try!

 New Trainee’s must complete their first flight within seven ( 7 ) days of hire using one of the following ACARS listed below and continue to do so on each flight without slewing or time acceleration greater than 1x

CAVacars for FSX users

 kACARS for FSX users

 XAcars for XPlane users

Trainee’s that fail to complete their first flight within seven ( 7 )  days of hire will simply be dismissed from Canada Air Virtual without notice.

 Fly as much as you like 24/7 if you want!

But a minimum of one ( 1 ) flight per Calendar month is required by all pilots of Canada Air Virtual.

Pilots who fail to complete one ( 1 ) flight per Calendar month will be marked as retired and placed on our inactive roster, to be un-retired pilots must file a PIREP. 

Pilots remaining on the inactive roster after thirty ( 30 ) days will simply be dismissed from Canada Air Virtual without notice.

If needed pilots are allowed to request a LOA (leave of absence) at any time, up to a maximum of ninety ( 90 ) days (exceptions maybe made for special circumstances).

Let's try for a Landing Rate of no more than minus firteen hundred ( -1500 fpm ) if your landing rate is higher than this, no problem. All we ask is that when you file your original CAVacars PIREP you also file a manual PIREP right after it, then we will remove the original PIREP. 

 All accumulated proven hours from a virtual airline, VATSIM or IVAO networks are accepted at Canada Air Virtual, and will be added to your profile after your first PIREP has been approved.

 Always be respectful to fellow pilots and staff, remember in order to get respect, you must show respect.

That’s it!

Welcome to Canada Air Virtual


Please Note: This pilot’s handbook is subject to change as we continue to develop and grow Canada Air Virtual.

Any and all changes will be fully documented on this page and communicated to our members.

Legal Information:

 Canada Air Virtual is a Virtual Airline; we are in no way affiliated with Any Real World Air Lines, Inc. or its affiliates. We exist only to enhance your Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D or XPlane experience. All material published on our website is only for flight simulation purposes and should not be used for real world operations. The Canada Air Virtual website, CAVacars, Teamspeak3, and any other feature of Canada Air Virtual are not for commercial use. No part of the Canada Air Virtual website may be copied or reproduced in any form.