Pilot Training


Canada Air has proudly partnered with VATSTAR, providing our Pilots the opportunity to obtain the best VATSIM Pilot Training around!

VATSTAR is the only fully certified stand-alone VATSIM Aviation Training Organization. 

Learn To Fly With Canada Air's Trusted ATO.

(You May Request Pilot Training From Your Pilot Dashboard)


Often the deeper one gets into this hobby, the more elements of realism they will add into their flying. This eventually leads many to come to VATSIM, the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network, so they can have the ultra-real experience of flying with other human pilots all under human Air Traffic Control. 

While it doesn’t take nearly the amount of knowledge and studying to fly on VATSIM as it does to fly in real life, that knowledge, or the lack of it, can be daunting and intimidating when first considering joining VATSIM. 

VATSTAR’s mission is to take the intimidation factor away, and help simulator pilots achieve that level of knowledge. They will take you from whatever point you are in your simulator piloting career to a pilot who is confident and comfortable flying around other traffic and under the direction of Air Traffic Control. 

VATSTAR realizes to bring the fun of flight simulation to as many people as possible, they have to keep the lessons as easy-to-understand as possible. They're trying to give you just enough knowledge to make flying on VATSIM less scary and more fun.


Expand your flying skills and become a better VATSIM pilot with Canada Air's Offical Pilot Training partner.


* VATSIM Fundamentals (VATSIM P1)

* Flight Fundamentals (VATSIM P2)

* VFR Flying (VATSIM P3)

* IFR Flying (VATSIM P4)

* Advanced IFR Flying (VATSIM P5)

* International and Oceanic Flying (a VATSTAR in-house certification)