Staff Team

The Canada Air Virtual Staff Team is here to help and support you. Our goal at Canada Air Virtual is to ensure you have the BEST virtual experience possible. You can reach us by email. We look forward to hearing form you!


 Chief Executive Officer     CAN1001 - Rod James


 - Chief Operating Officer     CAN1002 Bob Orr


 - Events Department Manager     CAN1032 - Randy Wood


 - Training Department Manager     Currently Vacant  Apply today!


 - Social Media Manager     Currently Vacant - Apply today!


 - CA Eastern Hub Manager     CAN1007 - Robby Huffman


 - CA Western Hub Manager     CAN1030 - John Hague


 - EU Hub Manager     CAN1003 - John Fowler


 - UK Hub Manager     CAN1022 - Rod Denison



Forum Administrator

CAN1001 - Rod James


Global Moderators

CAN1002 - Bob Orr

CAN1032 - Randy Wood