Pilot Roster

Edmonton International Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1001 Chief Executive Officer Rod J Canada 2527 2842.07 YES YES
CAN1284 ATP Senior Captain Gary L United Kingdom 487 1263.29 YES YES
CAN1740 ATP Senior Captain Roger P Spain 7941 10126.1
CAN1811 ATP Senior Captain Ian C South Africa 1137 2948.05 YES
CAN1956 ATP Senior Captain Gregory V United States 460 2574.37 YES
CAN2014 ATP Captain Sylvain C Canada 117 192.43
CAN2228 ATP Flight Officer Vladimir C Italy 117 238.49
CAN2394 ATP Senior Captain William W Canada 238 510.25 YES YES
CAN2652 Social Media Manager Scott L Canada 198 186.17
CAN2836 First Officer Julian M Spain 31 32.51 YES
CAN2846 ATP Senior Captain Neil B United States 278 518.18
CAN3038 First Officer He K China 50 60.2 YES
CAN3043 ATP Captain Jean-Pierre A Canada 336 653.03 YES
CAN3059 Flight Officer David B Canada 22 27.33 YES
CAN3236 First Officer Austin W United States 45 65.21 YES YES
CAN3357 Captain Stephen E United Kingdom 46 96.44 YES YES
CAN3416 Commercial First Officer Maury B United States 52 164.32 YES
CAN3436 Junior Flight Officer Willem G South Africa 4 12.48 YES
CAN3440 New Hire Giovanni A United States 1 1.53 YES
CAN3443 ATP Captain Miguel V Colombia 2 4.23 YES YES
CAN3453 New Hire Liam S Germany 1 1.32
CAN3457 ATP Senior Captain Frank B Netherlands 5 6.47 YES

Halifax International Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1919 ATP Senior Captain Paul P Australia 2253 2467.59
CAN2610 ATP Senior Captain Kiran B United Kingdom 951 3584.01 YES
CAN2857 Senior Captain Stefan K Austria 78 121.56 YES
CAN2991 Senior Captain James T Canada 188 103.13 YES
CAN3061 First Officer Andy B Canada 37 71.29 YES
CAN3160 Commercial Captain Andy B Canada 142 192.44
CAN3282 Junior Flight Officer Dave G United Kingdom 10 17.56 YES
CAN3364 Flight Officer Adam W Canada 98 46.08
CAN3425 First Officer Tony S Canada 28 54.08 YES
CAN3431 New Hire Stewart C United Kingdom 1 3.11
CAN3467 New Hire Peter M Canada 1 0.26

Montreal International Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1031 ATP Senior Captain John E Canada 627 638.59 YES
CAN1301 ATP Senior Captain Luc B Canada 486 1257.18 YES
CAN1684 ATP Senior Captain Marc C France 711 1081.07 YES
CAN1737 ATP Senior Captain Pierre D France 64 57.26 YES
CAN1744 ATP Senior Captain Jean L Canada 750 1127.17
CAN1748 ATP Senior Captain Jacques C Canada 2353 2035.41 YES YES
CAN1749 ATP Senior Captain Leo A Canada 1903 1702.18
CAN1759 Commercial First Officer Gerald A Canada 255 158.24 YES YES
CAN1890 ATP Senior Captain Constantin T Canada 511 1195.5 YES
CAN2118 ATP Captain Aubin C Canada 842 835.38
CAN2300 ATP First Officer Dean W Canada 165 296.57 YES
CAN2325 ATP Senior Captain Carlyle M United States 448 816.22 YES YES
CAN2361 ATP Captain Claude L Canada 703 570.58 YES
CAN2516 ATP Senior Captain Neil B Canada 739 3202.18 YES
CAN2582 ATP Senior Captain Ronald M Canada 645 1745.02 YES
CAN2615 Commercial Captain Vincent R Canada 165 192.07 YES
CAN1752 ATP Senior Captain Ghislain A Canada 1434 1481.25
CAN2768 ATP Captain Rudy F United Kingdom 656 923.1 YES
CAN2794 ATP First Officer Gaetan G Canada 225 383.38 YES YES
CAN2824 ATP Senior Captain Jeka K Ukraine 590 1314.27 YES YES
CAN3036 ATP Captain Pierre D Canada 338 813.19
CAN3041 ATP Captain Roch J Canada 271 829.43
CAN3042 ATP Senior Captain Stephane G Canada 1767 4607.09 YES YES
CAN3109 ATP Senior Captain Herve D Canada 60 160.02 YES YES
CAN3273 ATP First Officer Gerard W United Arab Emirates 10 26.31 YES
CAN3405 Captain Leo V Netherlands 46 75.38 YES YES
CAN3411 Trainee Antoine B Canada 2 5.59
CAN3413 Junior Flight Officer Gerald H South Africa 9 17.16
CAN3444 New Hire Amir Mohammad S Iran, Islamic Republic Of 2 4.44 YES
CAN3448 Senior Captain Eric D Canada 61 120.5 YES
CAN3464 New Hire Noah D Canada 0 0 YES
CAN3468 Trainee Carl R Canada 4 5.58

Vancouver International Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1002 ATP Senior Captain Bob O Canada 1180 2063.26 YES YES
CAN1032 ATP Captain Randy W Canada 231 163.27 YES YES
CAN1231 ATP Senior Captain Roy S Canada 12111 18249.6 YES YES
CAN1377 ATP Senior Captain Victor R United States 590 1476.28 YES YES
CAN1454 ATP First Officer Steve W United States 642 447.2 YES
CAN1510 Senior Captain Carlos M Colombia 187 117.15 YES
CAN1709 ATP First Officer Roger D Canada 104 228.44 YES
CAN1844 ATP Senior Captain Paul D United Kingdom 835 1348.4
CAN2100 ATP Senior Captain Robin F South Africa 200 1760.37 YES YES
CAN2106 ATP First Officer John S Canada 81 191.13 YES
CAN2165 ATP Senior Captain Hans-Ulrich Z Germany 926 1016.37 YES
CAN2448 ATP Senior Captain Kevin H United Kingdom 41 137.43 YES YES
CAN2591 Commercial Captain Meor A Malaysia 165 184.19
CAN2594 ATP Senior Captain Jerry R United States 43 210.53 YES YES
CAN2771 ATP First Officer Frank B Canada 221 401.24 YES YES
CAN1693 ATP First Officer Andrew H United States 196 478.49 YES
CAN2805 Commercial Captain Francis S Canada 63 177.43
CAN2853 ATP Captain Thorsten S Germany 69 107.19 YES
CAN2910 ATP Senior Captain Alfonso Yoel G Cuba 4896 1690.38 YES
CAN2961 ATP Senior Captain Brian K Canada 334 1053.42 YES
CAN3023 Technical Director Jan P Canada 420 1054.29 YES
CAN3026 Company Hub Manager Rory T Canada 521 671.11 YES
CAN3186 ATP Senior Captain Angel C Spain 301 654.13 YES YES
CAN3190 ATP First Officer Adam T Canada 370 457.39 YES
CAN2481 ATP Captain Kurt C Canada 765 1101.45 YES
CAN3247 ATP Captain Rob S Canada 104 500.16
CAN3265 Trainee Raouf R Spain 15 8.12 YES YES
CAN3398 Junior Flight Officer Wilf S Canada 15 19.4
CAN3400 Junior Flight Officer Jason T Canada 18 23.31 YES
CAN3420 Commercial Flight Officer Athan M Canada 7 8.55 YES
CAN3446 New Hire Stephen W United States 1 1.35 YES
CAN3015 ATP Flight Officer Steve W United States 322 229.42 YES
CAN3459 Junior Flight Officer Jason D Canada 15 17.53 YES

Winnipeg International Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1358 ATP Senior Captain Ken S Canada 973 2204.34 YES
CAN2350 Commercial First Officer Jamie K Canada 101 173.06 YES
CAN3408 New Hire Henry B Germany 1 0.42 YES
CAN3451 New Hire Johannes L Namibia 1 2.31

Saskatoon International Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1933 ATP Senior Captain Pam M Canada 882 1779.16 YES
CAN2038 ATP Senior Captain Celso S Brazil 890 1259.29 YES YES
CAN2890 Commercial Captain Sheldon H Canada 134 177.15
CAN3466 New Hire Felix S Austria 0 0 YES

Calgary International Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1268 ATP Captain Dave W Canada 331 659.12 YES
CAN1363 ATP Senior Captain Michael M Canada 1581 2809.14 YES
CAN1517 ATP Captain Doug C Canada 913 958.52
CAN1518 ATP Senior Captain Marlon W United States 483 1986.02 YES
CAN1541 ATP Senior Captain Graham D Canada 1527 3636.24
CAN1724 ATP Senior Captain Timothy G Canada 290 1308.03 YES YES
CAN2307 ATP Captain Russ K United States 307 619.47
CAN2310 ATP First Officer Pete P United States 153 481.31
CAN2502 ATP Senior Captain Ken B United States 941 3801.03 YES
CAN2536 ATP Senior Captain Bill B United States 813 1948.01
CAN2564 Flight Officer Keith B Canada 36 25.53
CAN2605 ATP First Officer Paul G Canada 416 444.36 YES
CAN2709 Commercial Senior Captain Kevin L Canada 107 211.58
CAN3206 ATP Senior Captain Micah H United States 63 110.27
CAN3383 Captain Tom M Canada 44 83.58 YES
CAN3450 Trainee Christopher G Canada 4 6.48 YES
CAN3472 New Hire Norman N Canada 1 1.06 YES

Toronto International Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1007 ATP Senior Captain Robby H United States 2846 6504.21
CAN1319 ATP Senior Captain Garo S United States 5028 9434.32 YES
CAN1341 ATP Senior Captain Deni E United States 1816 3952.26 YES
CAN1850 ATP Senior Captain Kartal K Turkey 158 453.25 YES YES
CAN1859 First Officer Johan M Russian Federation 91 60.37 YES
CAN2215 ATP Senior Captain Gregory S United States 1213 11210.2 YES
CAN2239 Captain Rob S Canada 91 82.08
CAN2423 ATP Senior Captain Nic M South Africa 1029 4636.24 YES
CAN2614 ATP Captain Michael P Canada 436 743.58 YES
CAN2617 Senior Captain Ron D Canada 56 103.12 YES
CAN2691 ATP Senior Captain David S United Kingdom 674 2121.45 YES YES
CAN2746 ATP Captain Colin M Canada 529 981.54 YES
CAN2765 ATP First Officer Tim K Canada 594 389.21 YES
CAN2803 ATP Senior Captain Gregory D Canada 1226 1765.19 YES
CAN2868 ATP First Officer Cesar P Paraguay 139 273.48 YES
CAN2871 ATP Captain Will O Canada 228 325.52 YES
CAN2882 First Officer Leonhard G Switzerland 29 66.39 YES YES
CAN2926 Junior Flight Officer Craig A Australia 38 15.03
CAN2998 Captain Daniel H Canada 32 85.44 YES
CAN3062 Commercial Captain Rolland C Canada 48 89 YES
CAN3117 ATP First Officer John B Canada 98 287.4 YES
CAN3168 ATP First Officer Jay P Canada 319 276.57 YES
CAN3269 ATP First Officer Ken C Canada 177 254.4
CAN3412 New Hire Rich J United States 4 3.32
CAN3419 Trainee David N United States 3 9.57 YES
CAN3423 New Hire Jonathan T Canada 1 2.19
CAN3433 ATP Captain Paulo O Portugal 36 85.22 YES YES
CAN3449 New Hire Allen C Canada 1 1.54 YES
CAN3460 New Hire Thomas J United Kingdom 1 4.02 YES YES
CAN3470 New Hire Rodrigo D Brazil 0 0 YES YES

Yellowknife Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1663 ATP First Officer Colin G Canada 100 319.35
CAN2187 Events Director David R United States 439 1284.55 YES YES
CAN3086 ATP Captain Kritanai U Thailand 255 1166.37
CAN3463 Trainee Morlando E United States 2 6.46 YES

Brussels Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1166 ATP First Officer Marc S Belgium 310 453.11 YES
CAN1726 ATP Senior Captain Serge V Belgium 2541 3715.12 YES
CAN1758 ATP Senior Captain Pablo T Spain 6479 8010.2 YES
CAN2575 ATP Captain Luke L Australia 548 842.52
CAN2823 ATP Senior Captain Benn J Luxembourg 1111 1365.48 YES YES
CAN3237 Trainee Maurizio L Italy 15 7.05
CAN3391 Trainee David W Germany 4 9.41 YES
CAN3432 Trainee Andrew D United Kingdom 2 5.2

Cote d'Azur International Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1003 ATP Senior Captain John F United States 3983 8139.2 YES YES
CAN1014 ATP Senior Captain Jean-Claude G France 1874 9792.34 YES YES
CAN2262 ATP Captain Paul D France 439 760.33 YES
CAN2464 ATP First Officer Adrian D Romania 64 250.27
CAN2585 ATP Captain Bastien L France 434 650.11 YES
CAN2806 Commercial Captain Paolo B Italy 136 201.07 YES
CAN3039 ATP Senior Captain William J Scotland 434 485.44 YES YES

Anchorage International Airport

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1052 ATP Senior Captain Richard P United States 1699 1043.56
CAN1435 ATP Senior Captain Alex K Russian Federation 995 2558.16 YES
CAN2136 ATP Senior Captain Ruberto S Brazil 524 567.29 YES YES
CAN2393 ATP Senior Captain Christopher C United States 537 2128.45
CAN2507 ATP Senior Captain Scott L United States 356 396.34
CAN2854 Senior Captain Emerson A United States 24 101.08 YES
CAN1942 Commercial Senior Captain Joseph F United States 89 215.56 YES
CAN2932 First Officer Diogo M Portugal 89 59.24
CAN3352 Senior Captain Robert A United States 100 116.16
CAN3445 New Hire Alvaro Q Portugal 1 2.13 YES

Silent Wings - In Memory Of

Pilot ID Rank Name Country Flights Hours VATSIM IVAO
CAN1030 ATP Captain John H Canada 452 586.05 YES
CAN1441 ATP Senior Captain Roger G Canada 1171 1156.51 YES