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  • Pilot ID: CAN2215
  • Rank: Commercial First Officer
  • Total Flights: 62
  • Total Hours: 455.51
  • Location: United States United States
  • VATSIM ID: 1082843
  • IVAO ID:
  • Pilot Bio: Flight simulator enthusiast from 1998 to present. Was introduced to online network multiplayer flying in 2004 and joined my first VA not knowing anything at all about aviation. Many VA's under the bridge, and now know a lot about aviation, and still learning. Became Staff admin to a few VA's including a HUB manager of VNKT learning html code for web posts of news events to the VA. and managing pilots, events, multiplayer events at the airport, moving custom scenery in and out of the server systems for events. Still learning, Still flying, Still having a heck of a good time.
  • Flight Simulator: FSX S.E.
  • Pilot Experience: Expert

Pilot Awards

First Flight Best Landing Donator TS3 100 Hours
Repeat Donator 250 Hours VATSIM Boeing 777-300ER B74F Certified
B744 Certified Voted Canada Air Virtual Monthly Donator B763 Certified

Pirep Chart


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
CAN5961 EDDF KSFO B747-400 (C-B744) 12.55.31 04/02/2020
ACA9100 CYVR EDDF B747-400 (C-B744) 09.33.48 04/01/2020
CANFC18B CYWG CYEG B767-300 (C-B763) 02.05.15 03/31/2020
CANFC18A CYEG CYWG B767-300 (C-B763) 02.09.44 03/31/2020
CANFC17B CYWG CYEG B747-400 (C-B744) 02.05.12 03/31/2020
CANFC17A CYEG CYWG B747-400 (C-B744) 01.59.29 03/31/2020
CACF1B CYWG CYEG B747-400F (C-B74C) 02.03.01 03/27/2020
CACF1A CYEG CYWG B747-400F (C-B74C) 02.11.59 03/27/2020
CAN2215 CYXY EHAM B747-400F (C-B74C) 08.00.40 03/26/2020
CAN2215 KMIA CYXY B747-400F (C-B74C) 07.29.07 03/26/2020