Profile For Garo Soghomonian

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  • Pilot ID: CAN1319
  • Rank: ATP Senior Captain
  • Total Flights: 3475
  • Total Hours: 7448.07
  • Location: United States United States
  • VATSIM ID: 1383260
  • IVAO ID:
  • Pilot Bio: In fact I fly FS9. I do have FSX , however I find FS9 more stable and the add-on flight aids, such as navigator easily available. I have been flying for over 20 years. I also fly RC model airplanes, my other hobby. The FS9 flight sim has helped me with RC flying and vice versa. Love aviation.
  • Flight Simulator: FSX
  • Pilot Experience: Experienced

Pilot Awards

First Flight Best Landing Greased landing Hawaii VFR Swiss Alps
B06 Certified 100 Flights 100 Hours 250 Hours 500 Hours
1000 Hours 250 Flights 500 Flights DC3T Cargo 1500 Hours
B744F Cargo British Isles Cessna 172 VFR Leeward Islands 1000 Flights
2000 Hours Bug Smasher 1500 Flights 2500 Hours A319 Certified
3 Months Service 6 Months Service Boeing 777-300ER Puget Sound 2000 Flights
5000 Hours 1 Year Service 2019 Remembrance Day European Voted Canada Air Virtual
Canada U.S. Border Tour

Pirep Chart


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
CAN1319 KARR KORD PA-24 (C-PA24) 00.17.54 05/25/2020
Approval Pending
CAN1319 KMKE KORD PA-24 (C-PA24) 00.31.59 05/25/2020
Approval Pending
CANDA29 CYJA CYZY DHC-8-Q200 (C-DH82) 00.53.22 05/25/2020
CANDA28 CYBA CYJA DHC7-150 (C-DHC7) 00.38.53 05/25/2020
CANDA27 CBR2 CYBA B1900 (C-B190) 00.25.54 05/25/2020
CANDA26 CYCP CBR2 B-200 (C-B200) 00.47.00 05/25/2020
CANDA25 CYCG CYCP DHC-8-Q100 (C-DH81) 00.48.47 05/25/2020
CANDA24 CYLW CYCG B1900 (C-B190) 00.23.48 05/25/2020
CANDA23 CAD4 CYLW B1900 (C-B190) 00.29.08 05/24/2020
CANDA22 CYHE CAD4 DHC-8-Q100 (C-DH81) 00.41.07 05/24/2020