Profile For Chris Beckett

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  • Pilot ID: CAN1350
  • Rank: Commercial Captain
  • Total Flights: 304
  • Total Hours: 738.41
  • Location: United States United States
  • VATSIM ID: 1395189
  • IVAO ID:
  • Pilot Bio: I am a software engineer who lives in Blaine, Washington with my wife Janet. I love motorcycles, sailing and flight simulation. I fly X-Plane 11 with a hangar full of aircraft that includes light sport, piston, turboprops, very light jets, business jets, and airliners. I generally fly with ATC coverage including Pilot2ATC (voice recognition ATC for offline) or Vatsim when online. I like group flying and frequently fly Vatsim events.
  • Flight Sim Version: XPL
  • Previous VA Experience: Yes

Pilot Awards

First Flight A320 Certified 100 Hours 250 Hours B788 Certified
Hawaii VFR TS3 VATSIM Vancouver Hub Anchorage Hub
100 Flights 500 Hours Leeward Islands Toronto Hub Swiss Alps
Kelowna Hub C208B Certified Winnipeg Hub U.S. Route 66 Calgary Hub
Company Hub 250 Flights

Pirep Chart


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
CANMR4 PAGB PARC C208B (C-C208) 00.38.23 06/21/2018
Approval Pending
CANMR3 5CD PAGB C208B (C-C208) 00.15.44 06/21/2018
Approval Pending
CANMR2 WSM 5CD C208B (C-C208) 00.19.41 06/21/2018
Approval Pending
CANTI12 NTKA NTGF C208B (C-C208) 00.23.21 06/21/2018
Approval Pending
CANMR1 PABT WSM C208B (C-C208) 00.28.30 06/21/2018
Approval Pending
CAN1350 KLAX KDEN B787-800 (C-B788) 02.04.52 06/20/2018
CAN1350 KPDX KLAX A320-200 (C-A320) 02.24.46 06/20/2018
CANHHT4 CYQM CYHZ C208B (C-C208) 00.57.07 06/20/2018
CANNHT7 LFMN LFPG A320-200 (C-A320) 01.56.58 06/19/2018
CANNHT6 LFPO LFMN A320-200 (C-A320) 01.47.26 06/18/2018