Profile For Serge Van Laethem

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  • Pilot ID: CAN1726
  • Rank: ATP Senior Captain
  • Total Flights: 1093
  • Total Hours: 1112.45
  • Location: Belgium Belgium
  • IVAO ID: 118288
  • Pilot Bio: Flight Dispatcher since 1999, started 'sim career' about 25 years ago with ATP simulator followed by Microsoft FS, currently using FS2004 and FSX
  • Flight Simulator : FSX
  • Operating System : Windows 10
  • Pilot Experience : Beginner

Pilot Awards

First Flight C172 Certified BE58 Certified B1900 Certified C208B Certified
B350 Certified DHC6 Certified DH8A Certified A319 Certified TS3
DHCS Certified Cessna 172 VFR Puget Sound DC3T Cargo Vancouver Hub
A330 Certified 100 Hours Beech Baron 58 100 Flights European
Swiss Alps Central Eastern Alps DHC6 Cruz'n Canada 2017 Best Landing
Fall Maritimes VFR Beechcraft 1900 Mexico Columbia Amazon River Run
Leeward Islands LJ45 Certified E170 Certified Company Hub 250 Flights
250 Hours 3 Months Service 6 Months Service Vanc Island Helicopter  Calgary Hub
B763 Certified Regina Hub B788 Certified B738 Certified Mackenzie River Run
Yukon River Run Alaskan Brooks Range Bug Smasher 500 Flights DH8C
Maple Leaf 500 Hours Alaska Panhandle Edmonton Hub 1 Year Service
2017 World B74F Certified 2018 Winter Olympics SW B.C. Canada Hops Tour Alberta
Winnipeg Hub Kelowna Hub B744F Cargo B744 Certified Olympic Mountains
Voted Canada Air Virtual Northern Rockies YHD Ontario Halifax Toronto Hub
Montreal Hub British Isles Cote d'Azur Hub Dangerous Approaches Seychelles Islands
Indonesia Japan Anchorage Hub Canada U.S. Border Tour U.S. Route 66
Dangerous Approaches 2 Dangerous Approaches 3 1000 Hours 1000 Flights Pacific Coastal
Air North Santa Fe Trail VFR American Airlines Iceland

Pirep Chart


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
CAN1726 BIFL EKVG C172SP (C-172SP) 03.17.18 09/19/2020
CAN1726 BIKF BIFL C172SP (C-172SP) 00.59.21 09/18/2020
CANI26 BIRK BIKF C172SP (C-172SP) 00.30.09 09/18/2020
CANI25 BIST BIRK C172SP (C-172SP) 00.56.06 09/18/2020
CANI24 BIPA BIST C172SP (C-172SP) 00.36.52 09/17/2020
CANI23 BIBD BIPA C172SP (C-172SP) 00.32.22 09/17/2020
CANI22 BITE BIBD C172SP (C-172SP) 00.28.19 09/17/2020
CANI21 BIIS BITE C172SP (C-172SP) 00.37.02 09/17/2020
CANI20 BIHK BIIS C172SP (C-172SP) 00.52.50 09/16/2020
CANI19 BIGJ BIHK C172SP (C-172SP) 00.23.24 09/16/2020