Profile For Vincent Guaglianone

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  • Pilot ID: CAN1728
  • Rank: ATP Flight Officer
  • Total Flights: 307
  • Total Hours: 1083.04
  • Location: Italy Italy
  • IVAO ID:
  • Pilot Bio: I began my experience in simming with Microsoft Train Simulator, about 20 years ago. But, at the time, MTS had few trains and addons of Italian Locos and coaches werwn't available. After some time I began simming FS9 and some years ago FSX and FSX s.e. Now, I've been simming FSX for some times: My first VA was flyuk, but after my highest rank with them:(ATP Captain and 620:05 hours)I left them and began flying for Canada Air. I'm really enthusiastic!
  • Flight Simulator: FSX
  • Pilot Experience: Experienced Pilot

Pilot Awards

First Flight 100 Hours 250 Hours 500 Hours A321 Certified
B738 Certified A320 Certified B773 Certified B74F Certified Edmonton Hub
A319 Certified Best Landing B763 Certified European Greased landing
3 Months Service A388 Certified LJ45 Certified Cote d'Azur Hub American Airlines
6 Months Service Frontier Airlines 100 Flights Mexico B744 Certified
Montreal Hub DHC6 DHC6 Certified Vancouver Hub Beechcraft 1900
1 Year Service Toronto Hub Santas Little Helper 2019 Mackenzie River Run Aegean Airlines
Voted Canada Air Virtual Spirit Airlines Maple Leaf DH8C 1000 Hours

Pirep Chart


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
CANHHT7 CYHZ CYQY DHC-8-Q300 (C-DH83) 00.51.53 05/25/2020
CANCU4 CYXX CBM6 C172SP (C-172SP) 01.36.55 05/20/2020
CANCU3 1RL CYXX C172SP (C-172SP) 00.23.39 05/20/2020
CANQ318 CAF2 CYZP DHC-8-Q300 (C-DH83) 00.53.28 05/19/2020
CANCU2 CYYJ 1RL C172SP (C-172SP) 00.21.52 05/17/2020
CANQ318 CAF2 CYZP DHC-8-Q300 (C-DH83) 01.20.14 05/16/2020
CANQ317 CYBD CAF2 DHC-8-Q300 (C-DH83) 00.40.08 05/14/2020
CANQ316 CYZT CYBD DHC-8-Q300 (C-DH83) 01.38.34 05/13/2020
CANCU1 11S CYYJ C172SP (C-172SP) 01.00.26 05/12/2020
CANMT20 CYVR CYYJ BE-58 (C-BE58) 00.44.59 05/11/2020