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Yukon River Run Tour

Status: Active
Description: Join Canada Air Virtual in the Alaskan wilderness on the journey of a lifetime as we fly VFR along the mighty Yukon River from Whitehorse, Yukon to Emmonak, Alaska where it finally empties into the Bering Sea.

*Attention X-plane Users*

PAEA is PAEG in X-plane

(Aircraft Substitutions: Propeller or Heli only!)

Yukon River Run Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Whitehorse / Erik Nielsen International Airport (CYXY)Braeburn Airport (CEK2)CANYR1DHC6-300-TO 51 nm
2Braeburn Airport (CEK2)Carmacks Airport (CEX4)CANYR2DHC6-300-TO 39 nm
3Carmacks Airport (CEX4)Pelly Crossing Airport (CFQ6)CANYR3DHC6-300-TO 45 nm
4Pelly Crossing Airport (CFQ6)Dawson City Airport (CYDA)CANYR4DHC6-300-TO 101 nm
5Dawson City Airport (CYDA)Eagle (PAEA )CANYR5DHC6-300-TO 69 nm
6Eagle (PAEA )Circle City (PACR)CANYR6DHC6-300-TO 97 nm
7Circle City (PACR)Fort Yukon (PFYU)CANYR7DHC6-300-TO 53 nm
8Fort Yukon (PFYU)Beaver (WBQ)CANYR8DHC6-300-TO 53 nm
9Beaver (WBQ)Stevens Village (SVS)CANYR9DHC6-300-TO 46 nm
10Stevens Village (SVS)Rampart (RMP)CANYR10DHC6-300-TO 41 nm
11Rampart (RMP)Ralph M. Calhoun Memorial Airport / Tanana (PATA)CANYR11DHC6-300-TO 53 nm
12Ralph M. Calhoun Memorial Airport / Tanana (PATA)Ruby (PARY)CANYR12DHC6-300-TO 90 nm
13Ruby (PARY)Edward G. Pitka Sr (PAGA)CANYR13DHC6-300-TO 38 nm
14Edward G. Pitka Sr (PAGA)Koyukuk (KYU)CANYR14DHC6-300-TO 22 nm
15Koyukuk (KYU)Kaltag (KAL)CANYR15DHC6-300-TO 42 nm
16Kaltag (KAL)Anvik Airport (PANV)CANYR16DHC6-300-TO 108 nm
17Anvik Airport (PANV)Holy Cross (HCA)CANYR17DHC6-300-TO 30 nm
18Holy Cross (HCA)Russian Mission (RSH)CANYR18DHC6-300-TO 50 nm
19Russian Mission (RSH)St Mary's (PASM)CANYR19DHC6-300-TO 58 nm
20St Mary's (PASM)Emmonak (PAEM)CANYR20DHC6-300-TO 55 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1140 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CYXYLeg: 1 To: CEK2Leg: 2 To: CEX4Leg: 3 To: CFQ6Leg: 4 To: CYDALeg: 5 To: PAEALeg: 6 To: PACRLeg: 7 To: PFYULeg: 8 To: WBQ Leg: 9 To: SVSLeg: 10 To: RMPLeg: 11 To: PATALeg: 12 To: PARYLeg: 13 To: PAGALeg: 14 To: KYULeg: 15 To: KALLeg: 16 To: PANVLeg: 17 To: HCALeg: 18 To: RSHLeg: 19 To: PASMLeg: 20 To: PAEMComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001**                   
2Richard Peabody - CAN1052********************Tour Completed
3Randy Wood - CAN1032***                  
4Robby Huffman - CAN1007********************Tour Completed
5John Fowler - CAN1003********************Tour Completed
6JC Glatt - CAN1014                     
7Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231********************Tour Completed
8Daniel Vance - CAN1560                     
9Steve Wiberg - CAN1454********************Tour Completed
10Michael Morrison - CAN1363********************Tour Completed
11Gary Townsend - CAN1989                     
12Paul Pettet - CAN1919********************Tour Completed
13Ghislain Arseneau - CAN1752                     
14Serge Van Laethem - CAN1726********************Tour Completed
15Doug Cameron - CAN1517********************Tour Completed
16Matthias Kunneth - CAN2289***                  
17Jurgen Kubsch - CAN2422                     
18Zane Greenwald - CAN2450********************Tour Completed
19Tim Luyckx - CAN1227                     
20Ken Schneider - CAN1358********************Tour Completed
21Pam Magee - CAN1933*                    
22Richard Schmidt - CAN2428                     
23Nicolas Van Tomme - CAN2595**                   
24Claude Labelle - CAN2361********************Tour Completed
25Andre Labelle - CAN2360********************Tour Completed
26Scott Lohr - CAN2507********************Tour Completed
27Kevin Langman - CAN2709*****                
28Graham Dawson - CAN1541********************Tour Completed
29Rudy Fattal - CAN2768                     
30Ken Shauntz - CAN2646********************Tour Completed

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