Tour Details

DC3T Cargo

Status: Active
Description: Fly to various British Columbia communities delivering a wide range of commodities in our DC3T Cargo, a modified Douglas DC-3 by Basler Turbo Conversions of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
DC3T Cargo

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Abbotsford Airport (CYXX)Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK)CAC1010BT-6718 nm
2Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK)Squamish Airport (CYSE)CAC1011BT-6738 nm
3Squamish Airport (CYSE)Sechelt-Gibsons Airport (CAP3)CAC1012BT-6729 nm
4Sechelt-Gibsons Airport (CAP3)Texada Gillies Bay Airport (CYGB)CAC1013BT-6734 nm
5Texada Gillies Bay Airport (CYGB)Powell River Airport (CYPW)CAC1014BT-678 nm
6Powell River Airport (CYPW)Cortes Island (Hansen Airfield) Airport (CCI9)CAC1015BT-6722 nm
7Cortes Island (Hansen Airfield) Airport (CCI9)Campbell River Airport (CYBL)CAC1016BT-6712 nm
8Campbell River Airport (CYBL)Alert Bay Airport (CYAL)CAC1017BT-6774 nm
9Alert Bay Airport (CYAL)Port Hardy Airport (CYZT)CAC1018BT-6718 nm
10Port Hardy Airport (CYZT)Port Mcneill Airport (CAT5)CAC1019BT-6714 nm
11Port Mcneill Airport (CAT5)Woss (CAK4)CAC1020BT-6727 nm
12Woss (CAK4)Courtenay Airpark (CAH3)CAC1021BT-6771 nm
13Courtenay Airpark (CAH3)Tofino / Long Beach Airport (CYAZ)CAC1022BT-6748 nm
14Tofino / Long Beach Airport (CYAZ)Alberni Valley Regional Airport (CBS8)CAC1023BT-6736 nm
15Alberni Valley Regional Airport (CBS8)Comox Airport (CYQQ)CAC1024BT-6723 nm
16Comox Airport (CYQQ)Qualicum Beach Airport (CAT4)CAC1025BT-6730 nm
17Qualicum Beach Airport (CAT4)Nanaimo Airport (CYCD)CAC1026BT-6727 nm
18Nanaimo Airport (CYCD)Victoria International Airport (CYYJ)CAC1027BT-6730 nm
19Victoria International Airport (CYYJ)Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB)CAC1028BT-6730 nm
20Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB)Abbotsford Airport (CYXX)CAC1029BT-6726 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 615 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CYXXLeg: 1 To: CYPKLeg: 2 To: CYSELeg: 3 To: CAP3Leg: 4 To: CYGBLeg: 5 To: CYPWLeg: 6 To: CCI9Leg: 7 To: CYBLLeg: 8 To: CYALLeg: 9 To: CYZTLeg: 10 To: CAT5Leg: 11 To: CAK4Leg: 12 To: CAH3Leg: 13 To: CYAZLeg: 14 To: CBS8Leg: 15 To: CYQQLeg: 16 To: CAT4Leg: 17 To: CYCDLeg: 18 To: CYYJLeg: 19 To: CZBBLeg: 20 To: CYXXComplete
1Rod J - CAN1001****                 
2Robby H - CAN1007********************Tour Completed
3Tim L - CAN1227*                    
4Roy S - CAN1231********************Tour Completed
5Garo S - CAN1319********************Tour Completed
6Richard P - CAN1052********************Tour Completed
7John F - CAN1003********************Tour Completed
8Serge V - CAN1726********************Tour Completed
9Gerald A - CAN1759********************Tour Completed
10John E - CAN1031********************Tour Completed
11Doug C - CAN1517********************Tour Completed
12Alex K - CAN1435********************Tour Completed
13Luc B - CAN1301********************Tour Completed
14Jordan B - CAN2022*****                
15Paul P - CAN1919********************Tour Completed
16Pablo T - CAN1758********************Tour Completed
17Dean W - CAN2300********************Tour Completed
18Zane G - CAN2450*****************    
19William W - CAN2394********************Tour Completed
20Claude L - CAN2361********************Tour Completed
21Rudy F - CAN2768*                    
22Christopher N - CAN2877*********** ******** 

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