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Tour Alberta

Status: Active
Description: Sign up for our "Tour Alberta" tour. We'll fly from Villeneuve Airport, located north west of Edmonton, making our way to our final destination of Medicine Hat Airport, located in the south eastern corner of the province. Fly VFR in the Cessna 172 or your favorite prop aircraft.

Aircraft Substitutions: Propeller or Heli only!

Tour Alberta

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Edmonton / Villeneuve Airport (CZVL)Edmonton City Centre (Blatchford Field) Airport (CYXD)CANTA1C172SP13 nm
2Edmonton City Centre (Blatchford Field) Airport (CYXD)Edmonton / Cooking Lake Airport (CEZ3)CANTA2C172SP17 nm
3Edmonton / Cooking Lake Airport (CEZ3)Tofield Airport (CEV7)CANTA3C172SP15 nm
4Tofield Airport (CEV7)Camrose Airport (CEQ3)CANTA4C172SP20 nm
5Camrose Airport (CEQ3)Wetaskiwin Regional Airport (CEX3)CANTA5C172SP22 nm
6Wetaskiwin Regional Airport (CEX3)Ponoka Industrial Airport (CEH3)CANTA6C172SP20 nm
7Ponoka Industrial Airport (CEH3)Lacombe Airport (CEG3)CANTA7C172SP11 nm
8Lacombe Airport (CEG3)Red Deer Regional Airport (CYQF)CANTA8C172SP20 nm
9Red Deer Regional Airport (CYQF)Innisfail Airport (CEM4)CANTA9C172SP8 nm
10Innisfail Airport (CEM4)Olds-Didsbury Airport (CEA3)CANTA10C172SP22 nm
11Olds-Didsbury Airport (CEA3)Beiseker Airport (CFV2)CANTA11C172SP30 nm
12Beiseker Airport (CFV2)Airdrie Airport (CEF4)CANTA12C172SP19 nm
13Airdrie Airport (CEF4)Calgary / Springbank Airport (CYBW)CANTA13C172SP19 nm
14Calgary / Springbank Airport (CYBW)De Winton South Calgary Airport (CEH4)CANTA14C172SP27 nm
15De Winton South Calgary Airport (CEH4)Calgary / Okotoks Air Park (CFX2)CANTA15C172SP7 nm
16Calgary / Okotoks Air Park (CFX2)High River Airport (CEN4)CANTA16C172SP13 nm
17High River Airport (CEN4)Cayley A J Flying Ranch Airport (CAJ7)CANTA17C172SP6 nm
18Cayley A J Flying Ranch Airport (CAJ7)Vulcan Airport (CFX6)CANTA18C172SP18 nm
19Vulcan Airport (CFX6)Claresholm Industrial Airport (CEJ4)CANTA19C172SP28 nm
20Claresholm Industrial Airport (CEJ4)Fort Macleod Airport (CEY3)CANTA20C172SP20 nm
21Fort Macleod Airport (CEY3)Lethbridge County Airport (CYQL)CANTA21C172SP24 nm
22Lethbridge County Airport (CYQL)Cardston Airport (CEA6)CANTA22C172SP33 nm
23Cardston Airport (CEA6)Milk River Airport (CEW5)CANTA23C172SP47 nm
24Milk River Airport (CEW5)Warner Airport (CEP6)CANTA24C172SP11 nm
25Warner Airport (CEP6)Foremost Airport (CFD4)CANTA25C172SP29 nm
26Foremost Airport (CFD4)Taber Airport (CED5)CANTA26C172SP34 nm
27Taber Airport (CED5)Vauxhall Airport (CEN6)CANTA27C172SP13 nm
28Vauxhall Airport (CEN6)Bow Island Airport (CEF3)CANTA28C172SP30 nm
29Bow Island Airport (CEF3)Suffield Heliport (CYSD)CANTA29C172SP24 nm
30Suffield Heliport (CYSD)Medicine Hat Airport (CYXH)CANTA30C172SP23 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 624 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CZVLLeg: 1 To: CYXDLeg: 2 To: CEZ3Leg: 3 To: CEV7Leg: 4 To: CEQ3Leg: 5 To: CEX3Leg: 6 To: CEH3Leg: 7 To: CEG3Leg: 8 To: CYQFLeg: 9 To: CEM4Leg: 10 To: CEA3Leg: 11 To: CFV2Leg: 12 To: CEF4Leg: 13 To: CYBWLeg: 14 To: CEH4Leg: 15 To: CFX2Leg: 16 To: CEN4Leg: 17 To: CAJ7Leg: 18 To: CFX6Leg: 19 To: CEJ4Leg: 20 To: CEY3Leg: 21 To: CYQLLeg: 22 To: CEA6Leg: 23 To: CEW5Leg: 24 To: CEP6Leg: 25 To: CFD4Leg: 26 To: CED5Leg: 27 To: CEN6Leg: 28 To: CEF3Leg: 29 To: CYSDLeg: 30 To: CYXHComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001****************************   
2Robby Huffman - CAN1007                               
3Richard Peabody - CAN1052******************************Tour Completed
4Tim Luyckx - CAN1227******************************Tour Completed
5Michael Morrison - CAN1363******************************Tour Completed
6Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231******************************Tour Completed
7John Fowler - CAN1003******************************Tour Completed
8Steve Wiberg - CAN1454******************************Tour Completed
9Doug Cameron - CAN1517******************************Tour Completed
10Fabrizio Stocchi - CAN1753******************************Tour Completed
11Paul Pettet - CAN1919******************************Tour Completed
12Roger Godden - CAN1441******************************Tour Completed
13Serge Van Laethem - CAN1726******************************Tour Completed
14Jacques Chiasson - CAN1748******************************Tour Completed
15Leo Arseneau - CAN1749******************************Tour Completed
16Aubin Chiasson - CAN2118******************************Tour Completed
17Ghislain Arseneau - CAN1752******************************Tour Completed
18Vimal Pillai - CAN2439******************************Tour Completed
19Josh Mulder - CAN2447***************                

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