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Tuamotu Islands

Status: Active

Grab your favorite piston pounder and join Canada Air as we fly 30 intimidating atolls approaches on our "Tuamotu Islands Tour"

The Tuamotu Islands are a French Polynesian chain of almost 80 islands and atolls forming the largest chain of atolls in the world.

(Aircraft Substitutions: Propeller or Heli only!)

 Tuamotu Islands

Tour Flights

Leg: Departure: Arrival: Flight: Aircraft: Distance:
1Mataiva Airport (NTGV)Tikehau Airport (NTGC)CANTI1BE5832 nm
2Tikehau Airport (NTGC)Rangiroa Airport (NTTG)CANTI2BE5835 nm
3Rangiroa Airport (NTTG)Kaukura Airport (NTGK)CANTI3BE5862 nm
4Kaukura Airport (NTGK)Apataki Airport (NTGD)CANTI4BE5828 nm
5Apataki Airport (NTGD)Arutua Airport (NTGU)CANTI5BE5823 nm
6Arutua Airport (NTGU)Ahe Airport (NTHE)CANTI6BE5854 nm
7Ahe Airport (NTHE)Manihi Airport (NTGI)CANTI7BE5811 nm
8Manihi Airport (NTGI)Takaroa Airport (NTKR)CANTI8BE5861 nm
9Takaroa Airport (NTKR)Takapoto Airport (NTGT)CANTI9BE5820 nm
10Takapoto Airport (NTGT)Aratika Airport (NTGR)CANTI10BE5857 nm
11Aratika Airport (NTGR)Kauehi Airport (NTKA)CANTI11BE5823 nm
12Kauehi Airport (NTKA)Fakarava Airport (NTGF)CANTI12BE5835 nm
13Fakarava Airport (NTGF)Faaite Airport (NTKF)CANTI13BE5842 nm
14Faaite Airport (NTKF)Anaa Airport (NTGA)CANTI14BE5841 nm
15Anaa Airport (NTGA)Katiu Airport (NTKT)CANTI15BE5888 nm
16Katiu Airport (NTKT)Makemo Airport (NTGM)CANTI16BE5845 nm
17Makemo Airport (NTGM)Hikueru Atoll Airport (NTGH)CANTI17BE5883 nm
18Hikueru Atoll Airport (NTGH)Takume Airport (NTKM)CANTI18BE58104 nm
19Takume Airport (NTKM)Napuka Island Airport (NTGN)CANTI19BE58116 nm
20Napuka Island Airport (NTGN)Fangatau Airport (NTGB)CANTI20BE58101 nm
21Fangatau Airport (NTGB)Hao Airport (NTTO)CANTI21BE58136 nm
22Hao Airport (NTTO)Fakahina Airport (NTKH)CANTI22BE58133 nm
23Fakahina Airport (NTKH)Puka Puka Airport (NTGP)CANTI23BE58106 nm
24Puka Puka Airport (NTGP)Tatakoto Airport (NTGO)CANTI24BE58154 nm
25Tatakoto Airport (NTGO)Pukarua Airport (NTGQ)CANTI25BE5899 nm
26Pukarua Airport (NTGQ)Reao Airport (NTGE)CANTI26BE5834 nm
27Reao Airport (NTGE)Vahitahi Airport (NTUV)CANTI27BE58139 nm
28Vahitahi Airport (NTUV)Nukutavake Airport (NTGW)CANTI28BE5831 nm
29Nukutavake Airport (NTGW)Tureia Airport (NTGY)CANTI29BE5891 nm
30Tureia Airport (NTGY)Mururoa Atoll Airport (NTTX)CANTI30BE5868 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2053 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: NTGVLeg: 1 To: NTGCLeg: 2 To: NTTGLeg: 3 To: NTGKLeg: 4 To: NTGDLeg: 5 To: NTGULeg: 6 To: NTHELeg: 7 To: NTGILeg: 8 To: NTKRLeg: 9 To: NTGTLeg: 10 To: NTGRLeg: 11 To: NTKALeg: 12 To: NTGFLeg: 13 To: NTKFLeg: 14 To: NTGALeg: 15 To: NTKTLeg: 16 To: NTGMLeg: 17 To: NTGHLeg: 18 To: NTKMLeg: 19 To: NTGNLeg: 20 To: NTGBLeg: 21 To: NTTOLeg: 22 To: NTKHLeg: 23 To: NTGPLeg: 24 To: NTGOLeg: 25 To: NTGQLeg: 26 To: NTGELeg: 27 To: NTUVLeg: 28 To: NTGWLeg: 29 To: NTGYLeg: 30 To: NTTXComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001***                            
2Robby Huffman - CAN1007                               
3Pierre Dallaire - CAN1062******************************Tour Completed
4Stephane Gaouette - CAN1063******************************Tour Completed
5Garo Soghomonian - CAN1319****                           
6Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231******************************Tour Completed
7Dom Leve - CAN1219*********                      
8Richard Peabody - CAN1052******************************Tour Completed
9Riley Wilson - CAN1145*****                          
10Richard Hamuka - CAN1304*****************              
11Ekrem Halimic - CAN1072                               
12JC Glatt - CAN1014                               
13Magnus Dickson - CAN1246                               
14Chris Beckett - CAN1350                               
15Joshua Aldridge - CAN1422**                             
16Drakky Thomson - CAN1227                               

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