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U.S. Route 66

Status: Active
Description: Join Canada Air as we fly U.S. Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica along the "Main Street of America" one of the most famous roads in the United States.

(Aircraft Substitutions: Propeller or Heli only!)

U.S. Route 66

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Chicago Midway International Airport (KMDW)Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (KSPI)CANRT1C172SP146 nm
2Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport (KSPI)Spirit of St Louis Airport (KSUS)CANRT2C172SP84 nm
3Spirit of St Louis Airport (KSUS)Springfield Branson National Airport (KSGF)CANRT3C172SP155 nm
4Springfield Branson National Airport (KSGF)Route 66 Airfield (27MO)CANRT4C172SP40 nm
5Route 66 Airfield (27MO)Five Mile / Joplin Airport (MO49)CANRT5C172SP13 nm
6Five Mile / Joplin Airport (MO49)Tulsa International Airport (KTUL)CANRT6C172SP88 nm
7Tulsa International Airport (KTUL)Will Rogers World Airport (KOKC)CANRT7C172SP97 nm
8Will Rogers World Airport (KOKC)Clinton Regional Airport (KCLK)CANRT8C172SP66 nm
9Clinton Regional Airport (KCLK)Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport (KAMA)CANRT9C172SP137 nm
10Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport (KAMA)Oldham County / Vega Airport (E52)CANRT10C172SP34 nm
11Oldham County / Vega Airport (E52)Tucumcari Municipal Airport (KTCC)CANRT11C172SP59 nm
12Tucumcari Municipal Airport (KTCC)Double Eagle II Airport (KAEG)CANRT12C172SP157 nm
13Double Eagle II Airport (KAEG)Gallup Municipal Airport (KGUP)CANRT13C172SP100 nm
14Gallup Municipal Airport (KGUP)Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (KFLG)CANRT14C172SP143 nm
15Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (KFLG)Kingman Airport (KIGM)CANRT15C172SP112 nm
16Kingman Airport (KIGM)Barstow Daggett Airport (KDAG)CANRT16C172SP142 nm
17Barstow Daggett Airport (KDAG)San Bernardino International Airport (KSBD)CANRT17C172SP51 nm
18San Bernardino International Airport (KSBD)Santa Monica Municipal Airport (KSMO)CANRT18C172SP61 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1685 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KMDWLeg: 1 To: KSPILeg: 2 To: KSUSLeg: 3 To: KSGFLeg: 4 To: 27MOLeg: 5 To: MO49Leg: 6 To: KTULLeg: 7 To: KOKCLeg: 8 To: KCLKLeg: 9 To: KAMALeg: 10 To: E52Leg: 11 To: KTCCLeg: 12 To: KAEGLeg: 13 To: KGUPLeg: 14 To: KFLGLeg: 15 To: KIGMLeg: 16 To: KDAGLeg: 17 To: KSBDLeg: 18 To: KSMOComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001                   
2Richard Peabody - CAN1052******************Tour Completed
3JC Glatt - CAN1014                   
4Robby Huffman - CAN1007                   
5John Fowler - CAN1003******************Tour Completed
6Michael Morrison - CAN1363******************Tour Completed
7Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231******************Tour Completed
8John Exel - CAN1031******************Tour Completed
9Roger Godden - CAN1441******************Tour Completed
10Jean Labrie - CAN1744******************Tour Completed
11Roger Pilgrem - CAN1740******************Tour Completed
12Leo Arseneau - CAN1749******************Tour Completed
13Jacques Chiasson - CAN1748******************Tour Completed
14Steve Wiberg - CAN1454**                 
15Michael Allegrini - CAN1735                   
16Paul Pettet - CAN1919******************Tour Completed
17Fabrizio Stocchi - CAN1753                   
18Paul Dacey - CAN1844******************Tour Completed
19Serge Van Laethem - CAN1726******************Tour Completed

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