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British Isles Tour

Status: Active

Join us on our British Isles tour as we fly VFR to various destinations of the British Isles.

(Aircraft Substitutions: Propeller or Heli only!)

British Isles Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Heathrow Hub / International Airport (EGLL)Cardiff International Airport (EGFF)CANBI1C172SP108 nm
2Cardiff International Airport (EGFF)Haverfordwest Airport (EGFE)CANBI2C172SP66 nm
3Haverfordwest Airport (EGFE)CORK (EICK)CANBI3C172SP131 nm
4CORK (EICK)Dublin Airport (EIDW)CANBI4C172SP125 nm
5Dublin Airport (EIDW)Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP)CANBI5C172SP123 nm
6Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP) Aldergrove / Belfast International Airport (EGAA)CANBI6C172SP143 nm
7 Aldergrove / Belfast International Airport (EGAA)Isle Of Man / Ronaldsway Airport (EGNS)CANBI7C172SP66 nm
8Isle Of Man / Ronaldsway Airport (EGNS)Campbeltown Airport (EGEC)CANBI8C172SP89 nm
9Campbeltown Airport (EGEC)RAF Leuchars Airport (EGQL)CANBI9C172SP110 nm
10RAF Leuchars Airport (EGQL) Inverness Airport (EGPE)CANBI10C172SP80 nm
11 Inverness Airport (EGPE)Wick Airport (EGPC)CANBI11C172SP63 nm
12Wick Airport (EGPC)Aberdeen / Dyce (EGPD)CANBI12C172SP81 nm
13Aberdeen / Dyce (EGPD)Edinburgh Airport (EGPH)CANBI13C172SP85 nm
14Edinburgh Airport (EGPH)Glasgow / Prestwick Airport (EGPK)CANBI14C172SP49 nm
15Glasgow / Prestwick Airport (EGPK)Newcastle Airport (EGNT)CANBI15C172SP103 nm
16Newcastle Airport (EGNT)Carlisle Airport (EGNC)CANBI16C172SP39 nm
17Carlisle Airport (EGNC)Durham Tees Valley Airport (EGNV)CANBI17C172SP54 nm
18Durham Tees Valley Airport (EGNV)Manchester Airport (EGCC)CANBI18C172SP76 nm
19Manchester Airport (EGCC) Humberside Airport (EGNJ)CANBI19C172SP70 nm
20 Humberside Airport (EGNJ)Norwich International Airport (EGSH)CANBI20C172SP80 nm
21Norwich International Airport (EGSH)Heathrow Hub / International Airport (EGLL)CANBI21C172SP97 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1838 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: EGLLLeg: 1 To: EGFFLeg: 2 To: EGFELeg: 3 To: EICKLeg: 4 To: EIDWLeg: 5 To: EGGPLeg: 6 To: EGAALeg: 7 To: EGNSLeg: 8 To: EGECLeg: 9 To: EGQLLeg: 10 To: EGPELeg: 11 To: EGPCLeg: 12 To: EGPDLeg: 13 To: EGPHLeg: 14 To: EGPKLeg: 15 To: EGNTLeg: 16 To: EGNCLeg: 17 To: EGNVLeg: 18 To: EGCCLeg: 19 To: EGNJLeg: 20 To: EGSHLeg: 21 To: EGLLComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001                      
2Richard Peabody - CAN1052*********************Tour Completed
3Ahmad Jie - CAN1131*********************Tour Completed
4John Fowler - CAN1003*********************Tour Completed
5Patrick Simon - CAN1456*********************Tour Completed
6Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231*********************Tour Completed
7Mike Piefke - CAN1487*********************Tour Completed
8Garo Soghomonian - CAN1319*********************Tour Completed
9Roger Godden - CAN1441*********************Tour Completed
10Steve Wiberg - CAN1454*********************Tour Completed
11Roger Pilgrem - CAN1740*********************Tour Completed
12Johan Motta - CAN1859**                    
13Carlos Motta - CAN1510***********           
14Paul Pettet - CAN1919*********************Tour Completed
15Graham Dawson - CAN1541*********************Tour Completed
16Jean Labrie - CAN1744*********************Tour Completed
17Paul Dacey - CAN1844*********************Tour Completed
18Leo Arseneau - CAN1749****************      
19Serge Van Laethem - CAN1726*********************Tour Completed
20Aubin Chiasson - CAN2118                      
21George Missimer - CAN2128***                   

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