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Beechcraft 1900

Status: Active

Join Canada Air on this exciting 1258 nautical mile VFR journey as we fly the "Beechcraft 1900" from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport to Miami International Airport.

(Aircraft Substitutions: Propeller or Heli only!)

Beechcraft 1900

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport (CYTZ)Cattaraugus County-Olean Airport (KOLE)CANB1B190095 nm
2Cattaraugus County-Olean Airport (KOLE)William T. Piper Memorial Airport (KLHV)CANB2B190079 nm
3William T. Piper Memorial Airport (KLHV)Capital City Airport (KCXY)CANB3B190061 nm
4Capital City Airport (KCXY)Weide Ahp (Aberdeen Proving Ground) Heliport (KEDG)CANB4B190056 nm
5Weide Ahp (Aberdeen Proving Ground) Heliport (KEDG)Cambridge Dorchester Airport (KCGE)CANB5B190053 nm
6Cambridge Dorchester Airport (KCGE)Accomack County Airport (KMFV)CANB6B190055 nm
7Accomack County Airport (KMFV)Currituck County Regional Airport (KONX)CANB7B190076 nm
8Currituck County Regional Airport (KONX)Michael J. Smith Field (KMRH)CANB8B1900105 nm
9Michael J. Smith Field (KMRH)Wilmington International Airport (KILM)CANB9B190068 nm
10Wilmington International Airport (KILM)Myrtle Beach International Airport (KMYR)CANB10B190062 nm
11Myrtle Beach International Airport (KMYR)Charleston Air Force Base-International Airport (KCHS)CANB11B190073 nm
12Charleston Air Force Base-International Airport (KCHS)Savannah Hilton Head International Airport (KSAV)CANB12B190075 nm
13Savannah Hilton Head International Airport (KSAV)Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (KBQK)CANB13B190054 nm
14Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (KBQK)Jacksonville International Airport (KJAX)CANB14B190047 nm
15Jacksonville International Airport (KJAX)Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB)CANB15B190086 nm
16Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB)Space Coast Regional Airport (KTIX)CANB16B190042 nm
17Space Coast Regional Airport (KTIX)Melbourne International Airport (KMLB)CANB17B190026 nm
18Melbourne International Airport (KMLB)Palm Beach International Airport (KPBI)CANB18B190090 nm
19Palm Beach International Airport (KPBI)Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (KFLL)CANB19B190037 nm
20Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (KFLL)Miami International Airport (KMIA)CANB20B190018 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1258 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CYTZLeg: 1 To: KOLELeg: 2 To: KLHVLeg: 3 To: KCXYLeg: 4 To: KEDGLeg: 5 To: KCGELeg: 6 To: KMFVLeg: 7 To: KONXLeg: 8 To: KMRHLeg: 9 To: KILMLeg: 10 To: KMYRLeg: 11 To: KCHSLeg: 12 To: KSAVLeg: 13 To: KBQKLeg: 14 To: KJAXLeg: 15 To: KDABLeg: 16 To: KTIXLeg: 17 To: KMLBLeg: 18 To: KPBILeg: 19 To: KFLLLeg: 20 To: KMIAComplete
1Rod J - CAN1001                     
2Richard P - CAN1052********************Tour Completed
3Robby H - CAN1007                     
4Roy S - CAN1231********************Tour Completed
5John F - CAN1003********************Tour Completed
6Doug C - CAN1517********************Tour Completed
7Roger P - CAN1740********************Tour Completed
8John E - CAN1031********************Tour Completed
9Serge V - CAN1726********************Tour Completed
10Celso S - CAN2038********************Tour Completed
11Paul P - CAN1919********************Tour Completed
12Jordan B - CAN2022                     
13Jean L - CAN1744********************Tour Completed
14Pam M - CAN1933                     
15Pablo T - CAN1758********************Tour Completed
16Alex K - CAN1435********************Tour Completed
17Jurgen K - CAN2422                     
18Claude L - CAN2361********************Tour Completed
19Andre L - CAN2360********************Tour Completed
20TD M - CAN2789                     
21Rudy F - CAN2768                     
22Ken B - CAN2502********************Tour Completed
23Sheldon H - CAN2890**                   
24Hans-Ulrich Z - CAN2165                     
25Rohan H - CAN2307**                   

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