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Japan Tour

Status: Active
Description: Join us in the beech baron 58 or your favorite aircraft when we fly over the island. Located at the volcanic zone on the Pacific Ring of Fire the island has 108 active volcanoes and has the 15th highest natural disaster risk as measured in the world. Grab your equipment to find out how dangerous and beautiful this island really is.
Japan Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Hiroshima (RJOA)Matsuyama (RJOM)CANJP1BE-5838 nm
2Matsuyama (RJOM)Kochi (RJOK)CANJP2BE-5851 nm
3Kochi (RJOK)Nanki Shirahama (RJBD)CANJP3BE-5885 nm
4Nanki Shirahama (RJBD)Kansai International Airport (RJBB)CANJP4BE-5847 nm
5Kansai International Airport (RJBB)Chubu Centrair International Airport (RJGG)CANJP5BE-5882 nm
6Chubu Centrair International Airport (RJGG)Shizuhama (RJNY)CANJP6BE-5874 nm
7Shizuhama (RJNY)Kisarazu Airport (RJTK)CANJP7BE-5887 nm
8Kisarazu Airport (RJTK)Hyakuri (RJAH)CANJP8BE-5853 nm
9Hyakuri (RJAH)Matsumoto (RJAF)CANJP9BE-58121 nm
10Matsumoto (RJAF)Fukushima Airport (RJSF)CANJP10BE-58137 nm
11Fukushima Airport (RJSF)Matsushima (RJST)CANJP11BE-5880 nm
12Matsushima (RJST)Hachinohe Airport (RJSH)CANJP12BE-58130 nm
13Hachinohe Airport (RJSH)Memanbetsu (RJCM)CANJP13BE-58233 nm
14Memanbetsu (RJCM)Hakodate (RJCH)CANJP14BE-58195 nm
15Hakodate (RJCH)NIIGATA (RJSN)CANJP15BE-58242 nm
16NIIGATA (RJSN)Komatsu (RJNK)CANJP16BE-58160 nm
17Komatsu (RJNK)Osaka Intl (RJOO)CANJP17BE-58108 nm
18Osaka Intl (RJOO)Yonago Kitaro (RJOH)CANJP18BE-58116 nm
19Yonago Kitaro (RJOH)Hofu Airport (RJOF)CANJP19BE-58121 nm
20Hofu Airport (RJOF)Fukue (RJFE)CANJP20BE-58159 nm
21Fukue (RJFE)Kanoya (RJFY)CANJP21BE-58129 nm
22Kanoya (RJFY)Kumamoto (RJFT)CANJP22BE-5888 nm
23Kumamoto (RJFT)Oita (RJFO)CANJP23BE-5859 nm
24Oita (RJFO)Hiroshimanishi Airport (RJBH)CANJP24BE-5863 nm
25Hiroshimanishi Airport (RJBH)Hiroshima (RJOA)CANJP25BE-5825 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2683 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: RJOALeg: 1 To: RJOMLeg: 2 To: RJOKLeg: 3 To: RJBDLeg: 4 To: RJBBLeg: 5 To: RJGGLeg: 6 To: RJNYLeg: 7 To: RJTKLeg: 8 To: RJAHLeg: 9 To: RJAFLeg: 10 To: RJSFLeg: 11 To: RJSTLeg: 12 To: RJSHLeg: 13 To: RJCMLeg: 14 To: RJCHLeg: 15 To: RJSNLeg: 16 To: RJNKLeg: 17 To: RJOOLeg: 18 To: RJOHLeg: 19 To: RJOFLeg: 20 To: RJFELeg: 21 To: RJFYLeg: 22 To: RJFTLeg: 23 To: RJFOLeg: 24 To: RJBHLeg: 25 To: RJOAComplete
1Richard Peabody - CAN1052*************************Tour Completed
2Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231*************************Tour Completed
3Ahmad Jie - CAN1131                          
4John Fowler - CAN1003*************************Tour Completed
5Pablo Tudurí - CAN1758************              
6Quin Gomes - CAN1229*****                     
7Paul Pettet - CAN1919*************************Tour Completed
8John Exel - CAN1031***********************   
9Jordan Brently - CAN2022                          
10Gary Leaver - CAN1284**                        
11Ian Carine - CAN1811*************************Tour Completed
12Serge Van Laethem - CAN1726*************************Tour Completed
13Richard Schmidt - CAN2428                          
14Yves Sterckx - CAN2537*************************Tour Completed
15Meor Azhar - CAN2591************              
16Enrique Facundo - CAN2577*************************Tour Completed
17Jurgen Kubsch - CAN2422*********                 
18Vitor Lemos - CAN1267***                       
19Stewart Bibby - CAN2696***********************   
20Chris Clark - CAN2393                          
21Rudy Fattal - CAN2768****************          
22Hans Zimmermann - CAN2165*************************Tour Completed
23Cristian Campean - CAN2820*********                 
24Bernard Savard - CAN2719                          
25Luke Lodenstein - CAN2575****                      

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