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The Last Frontier

Status: Active
Description: The breathtaking beauty of Alaska sometimes hides the fact its winters can be incredibly harsh, especially for those who live in the state's outlying areas. Join us as we fly off the grid, where running water and electricity aren't daily staples, nor is contact with the outside world.

This will prove to be a challenging tour, as it will be very easy to land at the wrong airport at several locations, so double check before landing.

Pilot's are welcome to fly their favorite propeller aircraft on the tour!

Enjoy The Tour!

The Last Frontier

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Anchorage International Airport (PANC)Valdez Pioneer Field (PAVD)CANLF1BE-A36109 nm
2Valdez Pioneer Field (PAVD)Yakutat Airport (PAYA)CANLF2BE-58219 nm
3Yakutat Airport (PAYA)Gustavus Airport (PAGS)CANLF3C208B139 nm
4Gustavus Airport (PAGS)Sitka Rocky Gutierrez (PASI)CANLF4C182T84 nm
5Sitka Rocky Gutierrez (PASI)Ketchikan (PAKT)CANLF5BE-58159 nm
6Ketchikan (PAKT)Juneau International Airport (PAJN)CANLF6BE-58203 nm
7Juneau International Airport (PAJN)Haines Airport (PAHN)CANLF7C172SP61 nm
8Haines Airport (PAHN)Healy River Airport (HRR)CANLF8B350I473 nm
9Healy River Airport (HRR)Fairbanks (PAFA)CANLF9C172SP64 nm
10Fairbanks (PAFA)Fort Yukon (PFYU)CANLF10BE-A36124 nm
11Fort Yukon (PFYU)Anaktuvuk Pass (PAKP)CANLF11BE-58177 nm
12Anaktuvuk Pass (PAKP)Wiley Post Will Rogers Memorial Airport (PABR)CANLF12B350I216 nm
13Wiley Post Will Rogers Memorial Airport (PABR)Wainwright Airport (PAWI)CANLF13C182T74 nm
14Wainwright Airport (PAWI)Ralph Wien Memorial (PAOT)CANLF14B350I233 nm
15Ralph Wien Memorial (PAOT)Port Clarence Coast Guard Station Airport (KPC)CANLF15C208B143 nm
16Port Clarence Coast Guard Station Airport (KPC)Nome Airport (PAOM)CANLF16C172SP57 nm
17Nome Airport (PAOM)White Mountain (WMO)CANLF17C172SP53 nm
18White Mountain (WMO)St Michael Airport (5S8)CANLF18C182T80 nm
19St Michael Airport (5S8)Scammon Bay Airport (SCM)CANLF19C208B137 nm
20Scammon Bay Airport (SCM)Bethel Airport (PABE)CANLF20BE-A36125 nm
21Bethel Airport (PABE)Quinhagak Airport (PAQH)CANLF21C172SP62 nm
22Quinhagak Airport (PAQH)Ekwok Airport (KEK)CANLF22BE-A36135 nm
23Ekwok Airport (KEK)Port Heiden Airport (PAPH)CANLF23C208B149 nm
24Port Heiden Airport (PAPH)Cold Bay Airport (PACD)CANLF24BE-58173 nm
25Cold Bay Airport (PACD)Unalaska (PADU)CANLF25C208B155 nm
26Unalaska (PADU)Sand Point Airport (PASD)CANLF26B350I226 nm
27Sand Point Airport (PASD)Chignik Lake Airport (A79)CANLF27C182T82 nm
28Chignik Lake Airport (A79)Kodiak (PADQ)CANLF28B350I224 nm
29Kodiak (PADQ)Homer Airport (PAHO)CANLF29BE-A36118 nm
30Homer Airport (PAHO)Anchorage International Airport (PANC)CANLF30C182T102 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 4356 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: PANCLeg: 1 To: PAVDLeg: 2 To: PAYALeg: 3 To: PAGSLeg: 4 To: PASILeg: 5 To: PAKTLeg: 6 To: PAJNLeg: 7 To: PAHNLeg: 8 To: HRRLeg: 9 To: PAFALeg: 10 To: PFYULeg: 11 To: PAKPLeg: 12 To: PABRLeg: 13 To: PAWILeg: 14 To: PAOTLeg: 15 To: KPCLeg: 16 To: PAOMLeg: 17 To: WMOLeg: 18 To: 5S8Leg: 19 To: SCMLeg: 20 To: PABELeg: 21 To: PAQHLeg: 22 To: KEKLeg: 23 To: PAPHLeg: 24 To: PACDLeg: 25 To: PADULeg: 26 To: PASDLeg: 27 To: A79Leg: 28 To: PADQLeg: 29 To: PAHOLeg: 30 To: PANCComplete
1Richard Peabody - CAN1052******************************Tour Completed
2John Fowler - CAN1003******************************Tour Completed
3Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231******************************Tour Completed
4JC Glatt - CAN1014                               
5Fabrizio Stocchi - CAN1753*******                        
6Paul Pettet - CAN1919******************************Tour Completed
7Robert Armstrong - CAN1921***                            
8Roger Godden - CAN1441******************************Tour Completed
9Leo Arseneau - CAN1749******************************Tour Completed
10Ruberto Stutzer - CAN2136******************************Tour Completed
11Paul Dacey - CAN1844******************************Tour Completed
12Graham Dawson - CAN1541******************************Tour Completed
13James Archer - CAN2443                               

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