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Australia Tour

Status: Active
Description: We will depart from Hobart flying north across Bass Strait to Sydney, where the first convict settlement was established in 1788. We then back track to Canberra the nations capitol, again heading north to the Iron Ore town of Broken Hill then flying west into South Australia eventually landing in Adelaide,the capital, also known as the city of churches and pubs. We now head east to Melbourne the sporting hub of Australia, then back across the Bass Strait landing back in Hobart.

(Aircraft Substitutions: Propeller Aircraft only!)

Australia Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Hobart International Airport (YMHB)Flinders Island Airport (YFLI)CANDU1B350I166 nm
2Flinders Island Airport (YFLI)East Sale (YMES)CANDU2B350I126 nm
3East Sale (YMES)Merimbula Airport (YMER)CANDU3B350I149 nm
4Merimbula Airport (YMER)Nowra Airport (YSNW)CANDU4B350I122 nm
5Nowra Airport (YSNW)Sydney / Kingsford Smith (YSSY)CANDU5B350I68 nm
6Sydney / Kingsford Smith (YSSY)Canberra (YSCB)CANDU6B350I128 nm
7Canberra (YSCB)Deniliquin Airport (YDLQ)CANDU7B350I208 nm
8Deniliquin Airport (YDLQ)Mildura Airport (YMIA)CANDU8B350I162 nm
9Mildura Airport (YMIA)Broken Hill (YBHI)CANDU9B350I137 nm
10Broken Hill (YBHI)Port Augusta Airport (YPAG)CANDU10B350I193 nm
11Port Augusta Airport (YPAG)Whyalla Airport (YWHA)CANDU11B350I35 nm
12Whyalla Airport (YWHA)Adelaide International Airport (YPAD)CANDU12B350I124 nm
13Adelaide International Airport (YPAD)Mount Gambier (YMTG)CANDU13B350I201 nm
14Mount Gambier (YMTG)Melbourne Intl (YMML)CANDU14B350I193 nm
15Melbourne Intl (YMML)King Island Airport (YKII)CANDU15B350I140 nm
16King Island Airport (YKII)Hobart International Airport (YMHB)CANDU16B350I242 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2395 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: YMHBLeg: 1 To: YFLILeg: 2 To: YMESLeg: 3 To: YMERLeg: 4 To: YSNWLeg: 5 To: YSSYLeg: 6 To: YSCBLeg: 7 To: YDLQLeg: 8 To: YMIALeg: 9 To: YBHILeg: 10 To: YPAGLeg: 11 To: YWHALeg: 12 To: YPADLeg: 13 To: YMTGLeg: 14 To: YMMLLeg: 15 To: YKIILeg: 16 To: YMHBComplete
1Paul Pettet - CAN1919****************Tour Completed
2Richard Peabody - CAN1052****************Tour Completed
3Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231****************Tour Completed
4John Fowler - CAN1003****************Tour Completed
5Roger Pilgrem - CAN1740****************Tour Completed
6Robby Huffman - CAN1007                 
7Steve Wiberg - CAN1454**               
8Doug Cameron - CAN1517****************Tour Completed
9Rod James - CAN1001                 
10Tim Luyckx - CAN1227                 
11Jordan Brently - CAN2022****************Tour Completed
12John Exel - CAN1031****************Tour Completed
13Michael Morrison - CAN1363****************Tour Completed
14Ian Carine - CAN1811****************Tour Completed
15Pam Magee - CAN1933****************Tour Completed
16Timothy Goodrich - CAN1724*                
17Jean Labrie - CAN1744****************Tour Completed
18Hal Burns - CAN2054                 
19Paolo Piccardo - CAN2519****************Tour Completed
20Mark Dean - CAN2560****************Tour Completed
21Enrique Facundo - CAN2577****************Tour Completed
22Vitor Lemos - CAN1267****************Tour Completed
23Kurt Chopty - CAN2481****************Tour Completed
24Luke Lodenstein - CAN2575****************Tour Completed
25Meor Azhar - CAN2591*                
26Rudy Fattal - CAN2768                 
27Hans Zimmermann - CAN2165********         
28Serge Van Laethem - CAN1726****************Tour Completed

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