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2019 Remembrance Day Tour

Status: Active
Description: This tour is to honor the Men and Women who have Served

Every year on November 11, Canadians pause in a silent moment of remembrance for the men and women who have served, and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace. We honor those who fought for Canada in the First World War (1914-1918), the Second World War (1939-1945), and the Korean War (1950-1953), as well as those who have served since then. More than 2.3 million Canadians have served our country in this way, and more than 118,000 have died.

They gave their lives and their futures so that we may live ours in peace

Pilots may substitute any aircraft they wish as long as it has the range for the leg and can handle the runway length.

2019 Remembrance Day Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Comox Airport (CYQQ)CFB Cold Lake (CYOD)CANR1B737-800608 nm
2CFB Cold Lake (CYOD)CFB Moose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. M. McEwen Airport (CYMJ)CANR2B737-800300 nm
3CFB Moose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. M. McEwen Airport (CYMJ)Winnipeg International Airport (CYWG)CANR3B737-800321 nm
4Winnipeg International Airport (CYWG)Centralia / James T. Field Memorial Aerodrome (CYCE)CANR4B737-800760 nm
5Centralia / James T. Field Memorial Aerodrome (CYCE)CFB Trenton (CYTR)CANR5B737-800180 nm
6CFB Trenton (CYTR)CFB Bagotville (CYBG)CANR6B737-800371 nm
7CFB Bagotville (CYBG)CFB Greenwood (CYZX)CANR7B737-800321 nm
8CFB Greenwood (CYZX)Summerside Airport (CYSU)CANR8B737-80099 nm
9Summerside Airport (CYSU)Halifax / CFB Shearwater (CYAW)CANR9B737-800109 nm
10Halifax / CFB Shearwater (CYAW)Goose Bay Airport (CYYR)CANR10B737-800535 nm
11Goose Bay Airport (CYYR)Gander International Airport (CYQX)CANR11B737-800344 nm
12Gander International Airport (CYQX)Goose Bay Airport (CYYR)CANR12B737-800344 nm
13Goose Bay Airport (CYYR)Halifax / CFB Shearwater (CYAW)CANR13B737-800535 nm
14Halifax / CFB Shearwater (CYAW)Summerside Airport (CYSU)CANR14B737-800109 nm
15Summerside Airport (CYSU)CFB Greenwood (CYZX)CANR15B737-80099 nm
16CFB Greenwood (CYZX)CFB Bagotville (CYBG)CANR16B737-800321 nm
17CFB Bagotville (CYBG)CFB Trenton (CYTR)CANR17B737-800371 nm
18CFB Trenton (CYTR)Centralia / James T. Field Memorial Aerodrome (CYCE)CANR18B737-800180 nm
19Centralia / James T. Field Memorial Aerodrome (CYCE)Winnipeg International Airport (CYWG)CANR19B737-800760 nm
20Winnipeg International Airport (CYWG)CFB Moose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. M. McEwen Airport (CYMJ)CANR20B737-800321 nm
21CFB Moose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. M. McEwen Airport (CYMJ)CFB Cold Lake (CYOD)CANR21B737-800300 nm
22CFB Cold Lake (CYOD)Comox Airport (CYQQ)CANR22B737-800608 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 7896 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CYQQLeg: 1 To: CYODLeg: 2 To: CYMJLeg: 3 To: CYWGLeg: 4 To: CYCELeg: 5 To: CYTRLeg: 6 To: CYBGLeg: 7 To: CYZXLeg: 8 To: CYSULeg: 9 To: CYAWLeg: 10 To: CYYRLeg: 11 To: CYQXLeg: 12 To: CYYRLeg: 13 To: CYAWLeg: 14 To: CYSULeg: 15 To: CYZXLeg: 16 To: CYBGLeg: 17 To: CYTRLeg: 18 To: CYCELeg: 19 To: CYWGLeg: 20 To: CYMJLeg: 21 To: CYODLeg: 22 To: CYQQComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001*                      
2Pam Magee - CAN1933**********************Tour Completed
3Paul Pettet - CAN1919**********************Tour Completed
4Fabrizio Stocchi - CAN1753                       
5Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231**********************Tour Completed
6John Fowler - CAN1003**********************Tour Completed
7Robby Huffman - CAN1007**********************Tour Completed
8C Thenor - CAN1890**********************Tour Completed
9Roland Goulet - CAN1932**********************Tour Completed
10Garo Soghomonian - CAN1319**********************Tour Completed
11Roger Godden - CAN1441**********************Tour Completed
12Marc Chaix - CAN1684**********************Tour Completed
13Roger Pilgrem - CAN1740**********************Tour Completed
14David Radzinski - CAN2187                       
15Victor Ramo - CAN1377**********************Tour Completed
16Marlon Wright - CAN1518                       
17William Wheeler - CAN2394**********************Tour Completed
18Nic Mulder - CAN2423*                      
19Kurt Chopty - CAN2481**********************Tour Completed
20Matthias Kunneth - CAN2289                       

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