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Around The World In 80 Days - Part 3

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Join us for Part 3 of this adventure flying around the world in your favorite propeller or turboprop aircraft.

Part 3

Leg-41 departs from RODN- Kadena Air Base finally arriving at KACV- Arcata Airport on Leg-60.

Around The World In 80 Days - Part 3

Tour Map

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Kadena Air Base (RODN)Kikai Airport (RJKI)CAN8D41C172SP165 nm
2Kikai Airport (RJKI)Nagasaki Airport (RJFU)CAN8D42C172SP276 nm
3Nagasaki Airport (RJFU)Tokushima (RJOS)CAN8D43C172SP246 nm
4Tokushima (RJOS)Haneda International Airport (RJTT)CAN8D44C172SP269 nm
5Haneda International Airport (RJTT)Hanamaki (RJSI)CAN8D45C172SP242 nm
6Hanamaki (RJSI)Nakashibetsu (RJCN)CAN8D46C172SP303 nm
7Nakashibetsu (RJCN)Yelizovo (UHPP)CAN8D47BE-58787 nm
8Yelizovo (UHPP)Eareckson Air Station Airport (PASY)CAN8D48C172SP567 nm
9Eareckson Air Station Airport (PASY)Adak Airport (PADK)CAN8D49C172SP343 nm
10Adak Airport (PADK)Unalaska (PADU)CAN8D50C172SP386 nm
11Unalaska (PADU)Port Heiden Airport (PAPH)CAN8D51C172SP326 nm
12Port Heiden Airport (PAPH)Kodiak (PADQ)CAN8D52C172SP205 nm
13Kodiak (PADQ)Birchwood Airport (PABV)CAN8D53C172SP238 nm
14Birchwood Airport (PABV)Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport (PACV)CAN8D54C172SP130 nm
15Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport (PACV)Juneau International Airport (PAJN)CAN8D55C172SP357 nm
16Juneau International Airport (PAJN)Prince Rupert Airport (CYPR)CAN8D56C172SP281 nm
17Prince Rupert Airport (CYPR)Port Hardy Airport (CYZT)CAN8D57C172SP244 nm
18Port Hardy Airport (CYZT)Seattle Tacoma International Airport (KSEA)CAN8D58C172SP278 nm
19Seattle Tacoma International Airport (KSEA)Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (KOTH)CAN8D59C172SP256 nm
20Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (KOTH)Arcata Airport (KACV)CAN8D60C172SP147 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 6045 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: RODNLeg: 1 To: RJKILeg: 2 To: RJFULeg: 3 To: RJOSLeg: 4 To: RJTTLeg: 5 To: RJSILeg: 6 To: RJCNLeg: 7 To: UHPPLeg: 8 To: PASYLeg: 9 To: PADKLeg: 10 To: PADULeg: 11 To: PAPHLeg: 12 To: PADQLeg: 13 To: PABVLeg: 14 To: PACVLeg: 15 To: PAJNLeg: 16 To: CYPRLeg: 17 To: CYZTLeg: 18 To: KSEALeg: 19 To: KOTHLeg: 20 To: KACVComplete
1Richard P - CAN1052*********            
2Paul P - CAN1919********************Tour Completed
3Doug C - CAN1517********************Tour Completed
4Robby H - CAN1007********************Tour Completed
5Roger G - CAN1441********************Tour Completed
6Jean L - CAN1744********************Tour Completed
7Graham D - CAN1541********************Tour Completed
8John F - CAN1003********************Tour Completed
9Roger P - CAN1740********************Tour Completed
10Roy S - CAN1231********************Tour Completed
11Marc C - CAN1684********************Tour Completed
12Jean-Claude G - CAN1014********************Tour Completed
13Russ K - CAN2307********************Tour Completed
14Kurt C - CAN2481********************Tour Completed
15Bill B - CAN2536********************Tour Completed
16Rudy F - CAN2768                     
17David S - CAN2691********************Tour Completed
18Michael M - CAN1363***********          
19Alex K - CAN1435********************Tour Completed
20Paul D - CAN1844                     
21Benn J - CAN2823********************Tour Completed
22Alfonso Yoel G - CAN2910********************Tour Completed
23Pierre D - CAN3036                     
24Luke L - CAN2575********************Tour Completed
25Stephane G - CAN3042********************Tour Completed
26Ian C - CAN1811********************Tour Completed
27Adam T - CAN3190********************Tour Completed

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