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2020 Iditarod Tour

Status: Active
Description: The 2020 Iditarod will be the 48th iteration of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska. The race is an annual long-distance sled dog race run in early March from Anchorage to Nome, entirely within the US state of Alaska. Mushers and a team of 14 dogs, of which at least 5 must be on the towline at the finish line, cover the distance of 975 miles in 8–15 days or more. The northern route is the one being followed this year.
2020 Iditarod Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Anchorage International Airport (PANC)Willow (PAUO)CANIN42C208B35 nm
2Willow (PAUO)Skwentna (PASW)CANIN43C208B35 nm
3Skwentna (PASW)Rainy Pass (6AK)CANIN44C208B44 nm
4Rainy Pass (6AK)Tatitna (8KA)CANIN45C208B22 nm
5Tatitna (8KA)Nikolai Airport (PAFS)CANIN46C208B52 nm
6Nikolai Airport (PAFS)McGrath Airport (PAMC)CANIN47C208B34 nm
7McGrath Airport (PAMC)Takotna (PPCT)CANIN48C208B12 nm
8Takotna (PPCT)Ophir (Z17)CANIN49C208B16 nm
9Ophir (Z17)Colorado Creek Airport (KCR)CANIN50C208B29 nm
10Colorado Creek Airport (KCR)Ruby (PARY)CANIN51C208B71 nm
11Ruby (PARY)Edward G. Pitka Sr (PAGA)CANIN52C208B38 nm
12Edward G. Pitka Sr (PAGA)Koyukuk (KYU)CANIN53C208B22 nm
13Koyukuk (KYU)Nulato Airport (NUL)CANIN54C208B13 nm
14Nulato Airport (NUL)Kaltag Airport (PAKV)CANIN55C208B30 nm
15Kaltag Airport (PAKV)Unalakleet Airport (PAUN)CANIN56C208B60 nm
16Unalakleet Airport (PAUN)Shaktoolik Airport (PFSH)CANIN57C208B31 nm
17Shaktoolik Airport (PFSH)Koyuk Alfred Adams Airport (PAKK)CANIN58C208B34 nm
18Koyuk Alfred Adams Airport (PAKK)Elim Airport (PFEL)CANIN59C208B35 nm
19Elim Airport (PFEL)Golovin Airport (PAGL)AALIN60C208B19 nm
20Golovin Airport (PAGL)White Mountain Airport (PAWM)CANIN61C208B13 nm
21White Mountain Airport (PAWM)Nome Airport (PAOM)CANIN62C208B53 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 698 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: PANCLeg: 1 To: PAUOLeg: 2 To: PASWLeg: 3 To: 6AKLeg: 4 To: 8KALeg: 5 To: PAFSLeg: 6 To: PAMCLeg: 7 To: PPCTLeg: 8 To: Z17Leg: 9 To: KCRLeg: 10 To: PARYLeg: 11 To: PAGALeg: 12 To: KYULeg: 13 To: NULLeg: 14 To: PAKVLeg: 15 To: PAUNLeg: 16 To: PFSHLeg: 17 To: PAKKLeg: 18 To: PFELLeg: 19 To: PAGLLeg: 20 To: PAWMLeg: 21 To: PAOMComplete
1Paul Pettet - CAN1919*********************Tour Completed
2Richard Peabody - CAN1052*********************Tour Completed
3Fabrizio Stocchi - CAN1753*************         
4John Fowler - CAN1003*********************Tour Completed
5Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231*********************Tour Completed
6Robby Huffman - CAN1007                      
7Vincent Guaglianone - CAN1728***                   
8Bernie Schloezer - CAN2083***                   
9Graham Dawson - CAN1541*********************Tour Completed
10Vitor Lemos - CAN1267**                    

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