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Around The World In 80 Days - Part 4

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Join us for Part 4 of this adventure flying around the world in your favorite propeller or turboprop aircraft.

Part 4

Leg-61 departs from KACV - Arcata Airport finally arriving at EGLC - London City Airport on Leg-80.

Around The World In 80 Days - Part 4

Tour Map

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Arcata Airport (KACV)San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)CAN8D61C172SP217 nm
2San Francisco International Airport (KSFO)Winnemucca Municipal Airport (KWMC)CAN8D62C172SP290 nm
3Winnemucca Municipal Airport (KWMC)Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC)CAN8D63C172SP265 nm
4Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC)Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE)CAN8D64C172SP242 nm
5Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE)Mc Cook Ben Nelson Regional Airport (KMCK)CAN8D65C172SP294 nm
6Mc Cook Ben Nelson Regional Airport (KMCK)Offutt Air Force Base (KOFF)CAN8D66C172SP220 nm
7Offutt Air Force Base (KOFF)Dupage Airport (KDPA)CAN8D67C172SP348 nm
8Dupage Airport (KDPA)Akron Fulton International Airport (KAKR)CAN8D68C172SP310 nm
9Akron Fulton International Airport (KAKR)La Guardia Airport (KLGA)CAN8D69C172SP345 nm
10La Guardia Airport (KLGA)Lebanon Municipal Airport (KLEB)CAN8D70C172SP185 nm
11Lebanon Municipal Airport (KLEB)Greater Moncton International Airport (CYQM)CAN8D71C172SP357 nm
12Greater Moncton International Airport (CYQM)Stephenville Airport (CYJT)CAN8D72C172SP289 nm
13Stephenville Airport (CYJT)St. John's International Airport (CYYT)CAN8D73C172SP239 nm
14St. John's International Airport (CYYT)Flores (LPFL)CAN8D74BE-581057 nm
15Flores (LPFL)Ponta Delgada (LPPD)CAN8D75C172SP275 nm
16Ponta Delgada (LPPD)Lisbon (LPPT)CAN8D76BE-58783 nm
17Lisbon (LPPT)Valladolid (LEVD)CAN8D77C172SP264 nm
18Valladolid (LEVD)Bordeaux-Merignac (BA 106) Airport (LFBD)CAN8D78C172SP261 nm
19Bordeaux-Merignac (BA 106) Airport (LFBD)St Gatien (LFRG)CAN8D79C172SP275 nm
20St Gatien (LFRG)London City Airport (EGLC)CAN8D80C172SP129 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 6646 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KACVLeg: 1 To: KSFOLeg: 2 To: KWMCLeg: 3 To: KSLCLeg: 4 To: KEGELeg: 5 To: KMCKLeg: 6 To: KOFFLeg: 7 To: KDPALeg: 8 To: KAKRLeg: 9 To: KLGALeg: 10 To: KLEBLeg: 11 To: CYQMLeg: 12 To: CYJTLeg: 13 To: CYYTLeg: 14 To: LPFLLeg: 15 To: LPPDLeg: 16 To: LPPTLeg: 17 To: LEVDLeg: 18 To: LFBDLeg: 19 To: LFRGLeg: 20 To: EGLCComplete
1Jean L - CAN1744********************Tour Completed
2Roy S - CAN1231********************Tour Completed
3Gregory S - CAN2215********************Tour Completed
4Roger P - CAN1740********************Tour Completed
5Doug C - CAN1517********************Tour Completed
6Jean-Claude G - CAN1014****** ************* 
7Graham D - CAN1541********************Tour Completed
8Marc C - CAN1684********************Tour Completed
9Kurt C - CAN2481********************Tour Completed
10Russ K - CAN2307********************Tour Completed
11Bill B - CAN2536********************Tour Completed
12Rudy F - CAN2768*                    
13David S - CAN2691********************Tour Completed
14Alex K - CAN1435********************Tour Completed
15Alfonso Yoel G - CAN2910********************Tour Completed
16Robby H - CAN1007********************Tour Completed
17Luke L - CAN2575********************Tour Completed
18Ian C - CAN1811********************Tour Completed
19Adam T - CAN3190********************Tour Completed
20Serge V - CAN1726********************Tour Completed
21Paul D - CAN1844********************Tour Completed
22Vern B - CAN3479********************Tour Completed
23Pam M - CAN1933****                 
24Carl R - CAN3468********************Tour Completed
25Tony S - CAN3425********************Tour Completed
26Nic M - CAN2423********************Tour Completed

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