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Italy Tour

Status: Active
Description: Join us in the beautiful country of Italy, flying over the alps and enjoying some of the most varied and scenic landscapes on Earth.
Italy Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Cuneo International Airport (LIMZ)Villanova D'Albenga International Airport (LIMG)CANIY01B350I37 nm
2Villanova D'Albenga International Airport (LIMG)Sarzana-Luni Air Base (LIQW)CANIY02B350I80 nm
3Sarzana-Luni Air Base (LIQW)Marina Di Campo Airport (LIRJ)CANIY03B350I81 nm
4Marina Di Campo Airport (LIRJ)Olbia / Costa Smeralda Airport (LIEO)CANIY04B350I116 nm
5Olbia / Costa Smeralda Airport (LIEO)Urbe Airport (LIRU)CANIY05B350I149 nm
6Urbe Airport (LIRU)Napoli / Capodichino (LIRN)CANIY06B350I103 nm
7Napoli / Capodichino (LIRN)Reggio Calabria (LICR)CANIY07B350I181 nm
8Reggio Calabria (LICR)Pantelleria (LICG)CANIY08B350I191 nm
9Pantelleria (LICG)Catania / Fontanarossa Airport (LICC)CANIY09B350I153 nm
10Catania / Fontanarossa Airport (LICC)Grottaglie (LIBG)CANIY10B350I213 nm
11Grottaglie (LIBG)Gino Lisa (LIBF)CANIY11B350I101 nm
12Gino Lisa (LIBF)L'Aquila–Preturo Airport (LIAP)CANIY12B350I115 nm
13L'Aquila–Preturo Airport (LIAP)Firenze / Peretola (LIRQ)CANIY13B350I126 nm
14Firenze / Peretola (LIRQ)Venice, Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)CANIY14B350I113 nm
15Venice, Marco Polo Airport (LIPZ)Bergamo Orio Al Serio (LIME)CANIY15B350I112 nm
16Bergamo Orio Al Serio (LIME)Cuneo International Airport (LIMZ)CANIY16B350I111 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1983 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: LIMZLeg: 1 To: LIMGLeg: 2 To: LIQWLeg: 3 To: LIRJLeg: 4 To: LIEOLeg: 5 To: LIRULeg: 6 To: LIRNLeg: 7 To: LICRLeg: 8 To: LICGLeg: 9 To: LICCLeg: 10 To: LIBGLeg: 11 To: LIBFLeg: 12 To: LIAPLeg: 13 To: LIRQLeg: 14 To: LIPZLeg: 15 To: LIMELeg: 16 To: LIMZComplete
1Michael Morrison - CAN1363****************Tour Completed
2Robby Huffman - CAN1007                 
3Paul Pettet - CAN1919****************Tour Completed
4Richard Peabody - CAN1052****************Tour Completed
5Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231****************Tour Completed
6Roger Pilgrem - CAN1740****************Tour Completed
7John Fowler - CAN1003****************Tour Completed
8Jean Labrie - CAN1744****************Tour Completed
9Bernie Schloezer - CAN2083****************Tour Completed
10Isabelle Stepien - CAN2531***********      
11Pam Magee - CAN1933****************Tour Completed
12Pablo Tudurí - CAN1758****************Tour Completed
13Nic Mulder - CAN2423****             
14Riccardo Zanardi - CAN1818*                
15Neil Blaikie - CAN2516                 
16Serge Van Laethem - CAN1726****************Tour Completed
17Chris Clark - CAN2393                 
18Rudy Fattal - CAN2768****************Tour Completed
19Hans Zimmermann - CAN2165****************Tour Completed
20Marc Chaix - CAN1684***              

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