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Canadian Capitals Tour

Status: Active
Description: Join us in this Canadian tour in all 10 provinces and 3 territories landing at each capital beginning with Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and concluding Ottawa, Ontario .
Canadian Capitals Tour

Tour Map

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Yellowknife Airport (CYZF)Whitehorse / Erik Nielsen International Airport (CYXY)CANCA1A320-200597 nm
2Whitehorse / Erik Nielsen International Airport (CYXY)Victoria International Airport (CYYJ)CANCA2A320-200828 nm
3Victoria International Airport (CYYJ)Edmonton International Airport (CYEG)CANCA3A320-200466 nm
4Edmonton International Airport (CYEG)Regina International Airport (CYQR)CANCA4B737-800373 nm
5Regina International Airport (CYQR)Winnipeg International Airport (CYWG)CANCA5B737-800287 nm
6Winnipeg International Airport (CYWG)Toronto International Airport (CYYZ)CANCA6B737-800813 nm
7Toronto International Airport (CYYZ)Quebec Jean Lesage International Airport (CYQB)CANCA7A320-200395 nm
8Quebec Jean Lesage International Airport (CYQB)Iqaluit Airport (CYFB)CANCA8A320-2001024 nm
9Iqaluit Airport (CYFB)St. John's International Airport (CYYT)CANCA9B737-8001101 nm
10St. John's International Airport (CYYT)Charlottetown Airport (CYYG)CANCA10A320-200433 nm
11Charlottetown Airport (CYYG)Halifax International Airport (CYHZ)CANCA11C172SP86 nm
12Halifax International Airport (CYHZ)Fredericton Airport (CYFC)CANCA12C208B141 nm
13Fredericton Airport (CYFC)Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport (CYOW)CANCA13C208B385 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 6929 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CYZFLeg: 1 To: CYXYLeg: 2 To: CYYJLeg: 3 To: CYEGLeg: 4 To: CYQRLeg: 5 To: CYWGLeg: 6 To: CYYZLeg: 7 To: CYQBLeg: 8 To: CYFBLeg: 9 To: CYYTLeg: 10 To: CYYGLeg: 11 To: CYHZLeg: 12 To: CYFCLeg: 13 To: CYOWComplete
1Ken B - CAN2502*************Tour Completed
2Paul P - CAN1919*************Tour Completed
3Bill B - CAN2536*************Tour Completed
4John F - CAN1003*************Tour Completed
5Roy S - CAN1231*************Tour Completed
6Robby H - CAN1007*************Tour Completed
7Roger P - CAN1740*************Tour Completed
8Victor R - CAN1377              
9Christopher C - CAN2393*************Tour Completed
10Rudy F - CAN2768              
11Ken S - CAN1358*************Tour Completed
12David R - CAN2187**            
13Alex K - CAN1435*************Tour Completed
14David B - CAN3059              
15William J - CAN3039*************Tour Completed
16Pablo T - CAN1758*************Tour Completed
17Graham D - CAN1541*************Tour Completed
18Pierre D - CAN3036              
19Serge V - CAN1726*************Tour Completed
20Colin G - CAN1663***********   
21Luke L - CAN2575*************Tour Completed
22Stephane G - CAN3042*************Tour Completed
23Hans-Ulrich Z - CAN2165*************Tour Completed
24Pam M - CAN1933*****         
25Thorsten S - CAN2853*             
26Paul D - CAN1844              
27Stephen E - CAN3357              
28Rory T - CAN3026***           
29Tom M - CAN3383              
30Nic M - CAN2423*             
31Jamie K - CAN2350*             

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