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European Tour

Status: Active
Description: Join us on our "European Tour" as we fly some of the scheduled flights of Lufthansa, Royal dutch , Iberia, Airfrance, Scandinavian and British Airways using a multitude of aircraft while flying to some of the most popular destination around Europe.
 European Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Frankfurt Hub / International Airport (EDDF)Roma / Fiumicino (LIRF)DLH232A321-200518 nm
2Roma / Fiumicino (LIRF)Madrid / Barajas (LEMD)IBE3231A330-200720 nm
3Madrid / Barajas (LEMD)Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle (LFPG)AFR1001A319-100574 nm
4Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle (LFPG)Amsterdam / Schiphol Airport (EHAM)KLM1230B737-800215 nm
5Amsterdam / Schiphol Airport (EHAM)Heathrow Hub / International Airport (EGLL)BAW429B767-300200 nm
6Heathrow Hub / International Airport (EGLL)Copenhagen / Kastrup (EKCH)SAS500A320-200529 nm
7Copenhagen / Kastrup (EKCH)Oslo / Gardermoen Airport (ENGM)SAS454A320-200279 nm
8Oslo / Gardermoen Airport (ENGM)Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ESSA)SAS882B737-800208 nm
9Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ESSA)Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK)SAS718B737-800215 nm
10Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK)Frankfurt Hub / International Airport (EDDF)DLH849A321-200832 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 4292 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: EDDFLeg: 1 To: LIRFLeg: 2 To: LEMDLeg: 3 To: LFPGLeg: 4 To: EHAMLeg: 5 To: EGLLLeg: 6 To: EKCHLeg: 7 To: ENGMLeg: 8 To: ESSALeg: 9 To: EFHKLeg: 10 To: EDDFComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001           
2John Fowler - CAN1003**********Tour Completed
3Bob Orr - CAN1002**********Tour Completed
4Robby Huffman - CAN1007           
5JC Glatt - CAN1014**********Tour Completed
6John Exel - CAN1031**********Tour Completed
7Ahmad Jie - CAN1131**********Tour Completed
8Marc Somers - CAN1166**********Tour Completed
9Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231**********Tour Completed
10Quin Gomes - CAN1229*****      
11Dave Willson - CAN1268**********Tour Completed
12Marlon Wright - CAN1518**********Tour Completed
13Patrick Simon - CAN1456**********Tour Completed
14Steve Wiberg - CAN1454           
15Pablo Tudurí - CAN1758**********Tour Completed
16Marc Chaix - CAN1684**********Tour Completed
17Vincent Guaglianone - CAN1728**********Tour Completed
18Michael Morrison - CAN1363**********Tour Completed
19Serge Van Laethem - CAN1726**********Tour Completed
20Marco Nitzschke - CAN1750**********Tour Completed
21Roger Pilgrem - CAN1740**********Tour Completed
22Mike Piefke - CAN1487**********Tour Completed
23Gary Leaver - CAN1284**********Tour Completed
24David Bevan - CAN1920*          
25Robert Armstrong - CAN1921*          
26Hans Zimmermann - CAN2165**********Tour Completed
27Graham Dawson - CAN1541**********Tour Completed
28Pam Magee - CAN1933**********Tour Completed
29Garo Soghomonian - CAN1319**********Tour Completed
30Ron Brillon - CAN2184**********Tour Completed
31David Radzinski - CAN2187           
32Paul Descourty - CAN2262**********Tour Completed
33Matthias Kunneth - CAN2289**********Tour Completed
34Richard Schmidt - CAN2428           
35Vladimir Cuneaz - CAN2228**********Tour Completed
36Nic Mulder - CAN2423**********Tour Completed
37Tim Heimpel - CAN2397**********Tour Completed
38Paul Pettet - CAN1919**********Tour Completed
39Chris Clark - CAN2393**********Tour Completed
40Eddy Crequie - CAN2565****       
41Carl Blundon - CAN2562           
42Kurt Chopty - CAN2481**********Tour Completed

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