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Dangerous Approaches Tour

Status: Active
Description: Join us for our first in a series of "Dangerous Approaches", as we fly the runway 15 approach into Paro airport, one of the World's most dangerous approaches. Paro airport in the kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas is classed by 'Boeing' as having one of the most dangerous and difficult approaches in the world. So treacherous is the landing that only eight pilots in the world are qualified to land here. Runway 15 approach requires a 5000' descent within a few miles and a 360 degree turn within a narrow valley that has 12500' - 18000' mountain peaks all around... then the pilot has to perform a difficult and dangerous 'S' turn on short finals to land... sometimes finally leveling the wings while crossing the threshold of the runway.

* Attention Xplane Users *

Yonphulla Airport VQ10 is VQTY in Xplane.

Dangerous Approaches Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Indira Gandhi Intl (VIDP)Paro Airport (VQPR)CANDA1B737-800657 nm
2Paro Airport (VQPR)Yonphulla Airport (VQ10)CANDA2B1900112 nm
3Yonphulla Airport (VQ10)Hashimara (VE44)CANDA3B1900120 nm
4Hashimara (VE44)Paro Airport (VQPR)CANDA4B737-80043 nm
5Paro Airport (VQPR)Indira Gandhi Intl (VIDP)CANDA5B737-800657 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1589 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: VIDPLeg: 1 To: VQPRLeg: 2 To: VQ10Leg: 3 To: VE44Leg: 4 To: VQPRLeg: 5 To: VIDPComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001      
2JC Glatt - CAN1014      
3Robby Huffman - CAN1007      
4John Fowler - CAN1003*****Tour Completed
5Ken Robinson - CAN1085*****Tour Completed
6Ahmad Jie - CAN1131      
7Luc Bellemare - CAN1301*****Tour Completed
8Marlon Wright - CAN1518*****Tour Completed
9Frank Levante - CAN1789*     
10Quin Gomes - CAN1229*****Tour Completed
11Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231*****Tour Completed
12Ian Carine - CAN1811*****Tour Completed
13Jean Labrie - CAN1744*****Tour Completed
14Paul Pettet - CAN1919*****Tour Completed
15Victor Ramo - CAN1377      
16Matthias Kunneth - CAN2289*     
17Leo Arseneau - CAN1749*****Tour Completed
18Jacques Chiasson - CAN1748*****Tour Completed
19Ghislain Arseneau - CAN1752*****Tour Completed
20Aubin Chiasson - CAN2118      
21Serge Van Laethem - CAN1726*****Tour Completed
22Garo Soghomonian - CAN1319*****Tour Completed
23Tim Luyckx - CAN1227*****Tour Completed
24Nic Mulder - CAN2423*****Tour Completed
25Paul Gee - CAN2605****  
26Yves Sterckx - CAN2537*****Tour Completed
27Ken Boardman - CAN2502*****Tour Completed
28Gregory Vincent - CAN1956*****Tour Completed
29Marc Chaix - CAN1684*****Tour Completed
30Kevin Hussey - CAN2448      
31Chris Clark - CAN2393*****Tour Completed
32Graham Dawson - CAN1541*****Tour Completed
33Rudy Fattal - CAN2768*     

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