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Dangerous Approaches 3 Tour

Status: Active
Description: Join us for Dangerous approaches 3, our third in a series of "Dangerous Approaches". We will depart from Fort Good Hope and make our way south to Vancouver. Again testing your flying skills on some of the most beautiful, but dangerous and challenging approaches British Columbia's has to offer!
Dangerous Approaches 3 Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Fort Good Hope Airport (CYGH)Tuktoyaktuk Airport (CYUB)CANDA31DHC-8-Q100216 nm
2Tuktoyaktuk Airport (CYUB)Fort Mcpherson Airport (CZFM)CANDA32B1900128 nm
3Fort Mcpherson Airport (CZFM)Dawson City Airport (CYDA)CANDA33DHC-8-Q100228 nm
4Dawson City Airport (CYDA)Atlin Airport (CYSQ)CANDA34DHC-8-Q100310 nm
5Atlin Airport (CYSQ)Dease Lake Airport (CYDL)CANDA35B1900132 nm
6Dease Lake Airport (CYDL)Peterburg (PAPG)CANDA36B1900135 nm
7Peterburg (PAPG)Stewart Airport (CZST)CANDA37B1900112 nm
8Stewart Airport (CZST)Woodcock Airport (CBQ8)CANDA38B190079 nm
9Woodcock Airport (CBQ8)Bella Coola Airport (CYBD)CANDA39DHC-8-Q100171 nm
10Bella Coola Airport (CYBD)Tofino / Long Beach Airport (CYAZ)CANDA310DHC-8-Q100201 nm
11Tofino / Long Beach Airport (CYAZ)Pemberton Regional Airport (CYPS)CANDA311B1900139 nm
12Pemberton Regional Airport (CYPS)Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)CANDA312B190069 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1921 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CYGHLeg: 1 To: CYUBLeg: 2 To: CZFMLeg: 3 To: CYDALeg: 4 To: CYSQLeg: 5 To: CYDLLeg: 6 To: PAPGLeg: 7 To: CZSTLeg: 8 To: CBQ8Leg: 9 To: CYBDLeg: 10 To: CYAZLeg: 11 To: CYPSLeg: 12 To: CYVRComplete
1Jean-Claude G - CAN1014             
2John F - CAN1003************Tour Completed
3Carlos M - CAN1510**           
4Roy S - CAN1231************Tour Completed
5Graham D - CAN1541************Tour Completed
6Paul P - CAN1919************Tour Completed
7Khan S - CAN2285             
8Jacques C - CAN1748************Tour Completed
9Ghislain A - CAN1752************Tour Completed
10Aubin C - CAN2118************Tour Completed
11Leo A - CAN1749************Tour Completed
12Garo S - CAN1319************Tour Completed
13Serge V - CAN1726************Tour Completed
14Gregory V - CAN1956************Tour Completed
15Christopher C - CAN2393             
16Rudy F - CAN2768             
17Ken S - CAN1358************Tour Completed
18Paul D - CAN1844************Tour Completed
19Celso S - CAN2038************Tour Completed
20Robby H - CAN1007             

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