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Virgin Australia Tour

Status: Active
Description: Virgin Australia, is the second-largest airline in Australia. Formerly Virgin Blue Airlines, it was the fastest growing airline down under, starting service on August 31, 2000, with a fleet of Boeing 737-400s. The company was the most successful startup airline in aviation history with a load factor of 78 percent after just 100 days of operations. Join us as we fly some of its major routes using the Boeing 737-800 and the Embraer 170.
Virgin Australia Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Brisbane International Airport (YBBN)Sydney / Kingsford Smith (YSSY)VOZ992B737-800407 nm
2Sydney / Kingsford Smith (YSSY)Melbourne Intl (YMML)VOZ888B737-800381 nm
3Melbourne Intl (YMML)Launceston (YMLT)VOZ1378B737-800258 nm
4Launceston (YMLT)Melbourne Intl (YMML)VOZ1375B737-800258 nm
5Melbourne Intl (YMML)Adelaide International Airport (YPAD)VOZ239B737-800346 nm
6Adelaide International Airport (YPAD)Perth Airport (YPPH)VOZ719B737-8001144 nm
7Perth Airport (YPPH)Alice Springs (YBAS)VOZ700ERJ 170-2001069 nm
8Alice Springs (YBAS)Darwin International (YPDN)VOZ1585ERJ 170-200706 nm
9Darwin International (YPDN)Cairns (YBCS)VOZ701ERJ 170-200906 nm
10Cairns (YBCS)Brisbane International Airport (YBBN)VOZ786ERJ 170-200752 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 6227 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: YBBNLeg: 1 To: YSSYLeg: 2 To: YMMLLeg: 3 To: YMLTLeg: 4 To: YMMLLeg: 5 To: YPADLeg: 6 To: YPPHLeg: 7 To: YBASLeg: 8 To: YPDNLeg: 9 To: YBCSLeg: 10 To: YBBNComplete
1Robby Huffman - CAN1007**********Tour Completed
2JC Glatt - CAN1014           
3John Fowler - CAN1003**********Tour Completed
4Ahmad Jie - CAN1131**********Tour Completed
5Lee Bidgood - CAN1134**********Tour Completed
6Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231**********Tour Completed
7Michael Morrison - CAN1363**********Tour Completed
8Roger Pilgrem - CAN1740**********Tour Completed
9Ufuk Gungor - CAN1827**********Tour Completed
10Fabrizio Stocchi - CAN1753*******    

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