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Iceland Tour

Status: Active
Description: Fly your favorite small aircraft on mostly short hops, enjoying the Icelandic landscapes shaped by the forces of nature and vary from deep fjords to vast volcanic deserts. Through to black sand beaches, snow-capped mountains, and staggering waterfalls on our Iceland Tour.

(Aircraft substitutions: Propeller aircraft or helicopter only)

Iceland Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Keflavikurflugvollur (BIKF)Selfoss Airport (BISF)CANI1C208B42 nm
2Selfoss Airport (BISF)Vestmannaeyjar Airport (BIVM)CANI2C208B36 nm
3Vestmannaeyjar Airport (BIVM)Hornafjordur Airport (BIHN)CANI3C208B144 nm
4Hornafjordur Airport (BIHN)Breiðdalsvík Airport (BIBV)CANI4C208B43 nm
5Breiðdalsvík Airport (BIBV)Norðfjörður Airport (BINF)CANI5C208B22 nm
6Norðfjörður Airport (BINF)Egilsstaðir Airport (BIEG)CANI6C208B19 nm
7Egilsstaðir Airport (BIEG)Vopnafjörður Airport (BIVO)CANI7C208B29 nm
8Vopnafjörður Airport (BIVO)Thorshofn Airport (BITN)CANI8C208B32 nm
9Thorshofn Airport (BITN)Raufarhöfn Airport (BIRG)CANI9C208B18 nm
10Raufarhöfn Airport (BIRG)Kópasker Airport (BIKP)CANI10C208B14 nm
11Kópasker Airport (BIKP)Grímsey Airport (BIGR)CANI11C208B40 nm
12Grímsey Airport (BIGR)Husavik Airport (BIHU)CANI12C208B39 nm
13Husavik Airport (BIHU)Reykjahlíð Airport (BIRL)CANI13C208B22 nm
14Reykjahlíð Airport (BIRL)Akureyri Airport (BIAR)CANI14C208B29 nm
15Akureyri Airport (BIAR)Siglufjordur Airport (BISI)CANI15C208B35 nm
16Siglufjordur Airport (BISI)Alexander / Sauðárkrókur Airport (BIKR)CANI16C208B29 nm
17Alexander / Sauðárkrókur Airport (BIKR)Hjaltabakki Airport (BIBL)CANI17C208B18 nm
18Hjaltabakki Airport (BIBL)Gjögur Airport (BIGJ)CANI18C208B33 nm
19Gjögur Airport (BIGJ)Hólmavík Airport (BIHK)CANI19C208B20 nm
20Hólmavík Airport (BIHK)Ísafjörður Airport (BIIS)CANI20C208B41 nm
21Ísafjörður Airport (BIIS)Þingeyri Airport (BITE)CANI21C208B15 nm
22Þingeyri Airport (BITE)Bildudalur Airport (BIBD)CANI22C208B14 nm
23Bildudalur Airport (BIBD)Patreksfjordur Airport (BIPA)CANI23C208B12 nm
24Patreksfjordur Airport (BIPA)Stykkishólmur Airport (BIST)CANI24C208B42 nm
25Stykkishólmur Airport (BIST)Reykjavik Airport (BIRK)CANI25C208B60 nm
26Reykjavik Airport (BIRK)Keflavikurflugvollur (BIKF)CANI26C208B20 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 867 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: BIKFLeg: 1 To: BISFLeg: 2 To: BIVMLeg: 3 To: BIHNLeg: 4 To: BIBVLeg: 5 To: BINFLeg: 6 To: BIEGLeg: 7 To: BIVOLeg: 8 To: BITNLeg: 9 To: BIRGLeg: 10 To: BIKPLeg: 11 To: BIGRLeg: 12 To: BIHULeg: 13 To: BIRLLeg: 14 To: BIARLeg: 15 To: BISILeg: 16 To: BIKRLeg: 17 To: BIBLLeg: 18 To: BIGJLeg: 19 To: BIHKLeg: 20 To: BIISLeg: 21 To: BITELeg: 22 To: BIBDLeg: 23 To: BIPALeg: 24 To: BISTLeg: 25 To: BIRKLeg: 26 To: BIKFComplete
1Rod James - CAN1001********                   
2Robby Huffman - CAN1007                           
3JC Glatt - CAN1014**************************Tour Completed
4Richard Peabody - CAN1052**************************Tour Completed
5John Fowler - CAN1003**************************Tour Completed
6Quin Gomes - CAN1229                           
7Tim Luyckx - CAN1227*                          
8Roy Sernagiotto - CAN1231**************************Tour Completed
9Steve Wiberg - CAN1454**************************Tour Completed
10Doug Cameron - CAN1517**************************Tour Completed
11Pablo Tudurí - CAN1758**************************Tour Completed
12Paul Pettet - CAN1919**************************Tour Completed
13John Exel - CAN1031**************************Tour Completed
14Bernie Schloezer - CAN2083**                         
15Ian Carine - CAN1811**************************Tour Completed
16Hal Burns - CAN2054                           
17Serge Van Laethem - CAN1726**************************Tour Completed
18Bastien Lauvaux - CAN2585                           
19Paul Descourty - CAN2262                           
20Keith Beggs - CAN2564                           
21Nicolas Van Tomme - CAN2595**************************Tour Completed
22Neil Blaikie - CAN2516**************************Tour Completed
23Claude Labelle - CAN2361**************************Tour Completed
24Guy Hall - CAN2782**************************Tour Completed
25Rudy Fattal - CAN2768                           
26Bill Boardman - CAN2536*****                      
27Ken Boardman - CAN2502****                       
28Chris Clark - CAN2393******                     

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