Weekly Group Flights!

Join us, each week, for our regularly scheduled group flights.  We gather on Discord and take off in a loose formation/order and meander our way through the provided flight plan.  This is an excellent time to get to know your fellow pilots and to find out about latest flight sim tech, simulator addons and general fiddly bits of flying in a Virtual Airline.

Our weekly flights are:

Moncton Mondays - VATCAN's longest running weekly event, providing full-coverage ATC every Monday night, beginning at 2300z, encompassing over six terminal controlled airports and dozens of smaller fields.

TBM Tuesdays - A group flight on Discord and optionally VATSIM/IVAO where we jump in our favorite Daher Aircraft and fly a pre-delivered flight plan.

Winnipeg Wednesdays - A flight in the friendly prairie skies with full ATC staffed out of the Winnipeg FIR.

Thunder Bay Thursdays - A group flight from Thunder Bay, Ontario with a pre-delivered flight plan.

IFridays - This is another group flight where we spend 90 minutes to 2 hours flying an instrument flight rules (IFR) flight someplace in the world. 

VFR Saturdays - Just like it sounds!  A group flight with visual flight rules (VFR) in a scenic location somewhere in the world.

Cessna Sundays - Grab your favorite Cessna aircraft and join us for a river run, mountain pass or city tour of a scenic global locale!

We look forward to flying with you and hope that you try and come out to join us for our weekly group flights.  Take a look at the Group Flights/Events Page for signup and event info!


Posted By: Thomas Smith

News Id: 113 posted on 2020-12-12 16:45:14